Saturday, March 07, 2020

Sudbury Ontario to Woodstock Ontario

This weekend is Jasper's sixth birthday party so we decided to go down and join the celebrations. 

But first, I started the day off by jamming my finger in the garage overhead door. Somehow I pulled the door down with my left finger in one of the gaps (the ones that disappear when closed). I was concerned that there was serious damage done but, once I got the door open again, the digit (which had been in a glove) was numb but still functional.

Construction on the new Maley Drive Extension

Before leaving, we attended a celebration of life for Sue Demore, the Secretary of the Freedom Riders Motorcycle Association, who passed away unexpectedly on February 11th. The gathering was held at the Azilda Lion's Den, where the club usually holds its meetings, and was very well attended.

We left Sudbury just after 1:00 PM. It was below freeing but the sun was melting the snow, a sure sign that spring was on the way.

Bare roads - great for winter driving

New French River Bridge under construction

At Waubaushene, we stopped for fuel and coffee. We also switched boots for shoes.

The ever vigilant O.P.P.

Traffic picking up on Highway 400 south of Barrie

Canada's Wonderland closed for the season

New building going on all around Toronto

Because it was Saturday, we skipped the back roads and the hyper-expensive Express Toll Road 407. For the first time in quite a while, we followed the 400 right to Highway 401. Just after 5:00 PM, the 401 west was somewhat busy, whichcontinued through Mississauga where they are still working to add more lanes. 

Highway 401 West traffic

Pearson International Airport

Always planes coming and going

A new local stadium under an inflatable dome

 Driving into the sunset

Not much snow down here

Winter sunset

We arrived in Woodstock before 7:00 PM and stopped at Subway to get something to take to the hotel with us for supper. I had a chopped salad and the girl who prepared it remembered me from the last time. Then we checked in to the Best Western Plus . The clocks change tonight, it is a full moon, next Friday will be the 13th and there is a nasty new virus starting to affect the world. Nothing to worry about.

Today's Route (315 Equinox miles):

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