Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting Ready To Hit The Road

Sandy's appointment with the specialist is Tuesday.  I had planned to leave here on the 7th but, after talking to Blondy and finding it would be better to arrive in Birmingham on the weekend, we'll be out of here on the 5th.  Rather than face the costs and/or complexity of flying, we are electing to go by Greyhound.  It will leave Sudbury at 12:50 AM on the 5th and should, after two transfers (Toronto and Detroit) get us to Birmingham at 6:45 AM on Sunday the 6th.

So now that we are leaving two days earlier, I have to kick preparations into high gear and get all those jobs I have been putting off done.

After talking to Sherm, we've also revised the itinerary.  After getting the RV sorted out, we plan to travel to the Ringgold Georgia area and visit some friends while getting the motorhome into the Chattanooga Camping World for a few fixes and modifications.  I need to get the caulking between the cab and RV body redone and want to have a TV antenna installed and  a set mounted.  We'll stick with off the air signals for now.  I also want to get the generator serviced (not sure when it was done) and the oil changed (it's almost time).  We also have a shopping list of goodies to pick up.

From Ringgold, we'll head up to Nashville and catch I-40, which will take us all the way west to Holbrook Arizona and then cut down to Phoenix.  My plan had been to wander west but the timing of a social engagement in Phoenix accelerated the plan.  After visiting in Phoenix, we'll head to Yuma for a bit and then wander our way back through New Mexico and Texas, stopping to take in the sights along the way.  The goal is to be home before Easter so we should have lots of time.

So stay tuned to this channel.  Winter hibernation is almost over and tales of our travels should be starting soon.