Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oil Change Mystery

I went to change the oil on the bike today and encountered a mystery.

When I checked the oil pre-change, it was above full on the dipstick. Then, when I pulled the drain plug, there were two aluminum washers on it instead of the required one. The oil seemed quite amber for having 10,000 kms on it. (10,000 may seem like a lot to the m/c crowd but they are all highway miles, I use full synthetic and the recommended Honda interval is 12,400). Then I went to remove the K&N oil filter, which has a nut welded on the end so you don't need a filter wrench. No nut. It was a Honda filter. Who changed my oil?

I called Jim, service manager at RL, to see if Marc had inadvertently changed it. No notes on the original work order and the filter inventory wasn't out of balance. The only other place the bike was in a shop was a Youneeditdone and I was with it the whole time.

So I am totally at a loss to figure out how this happened. If anyone out there tried to surprise me with fresh oil, please drop me a line..........

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Ride & The Screaming Heads

Four of us from the S.T.O.P. program, me, Terry, Norm and Real, went for a Sunday ride today. Real and I were at the Tim's on Levesque Street on Time but Norm and terry were a bit late. As I guessed, Norm's Drifter, which doesn't get much use, had a flat battery and needed a boost.

We headed east, stopping for gas in Wahnapitae where the Drifter needed another boost. then we continued on to Sturgeon falls where we stopped at the Sturgeon River Inn for the brunch buffet. It was a good spread and we ate well.

The Drifter needed yet another boost to get going and then we continued east to North Bay. Terry led and I ran a close second with Real, new to group riding, third and Norm bringing up the rear. In North Bay, we headed south on Highway 11 to Burk's falls where we went looking for the Screaming Heads.

The Heads are not well marked but Normie got us there, along Midlothian Road of Highway 520. This is a labour of love for the eccentric gentleman who makes the sculptures out of concrete and places them around the sizable property. You can see from the website that he has a plan. In fact, the place is quite spooky even in the daylight.

Real, Terry and Norm at the Screaming Heads

Various sculptures

We were waiting for the splash

Our tour of the Heads complete, we returned to Burk's Falls for fuel. When I went to pay, I discovered my credit card was missing. Luckily, the Visa slip from the Sturgeon River Inn had their phone number on it so I called. The young lady I spoke to had my card and said it would be held until I came back for it.

Knowing the card was safe, we didn't rush straight back. Instead, we went back up 520 to Highway 124 and followed that to Parry Sound. There, we headed north on Highway 69 at a moderate pace. We had to wait at the Key River Bridge, which is expected to be down to one lane for a year. Welcome to the north, where we don't have much in the way of alternate routes.

Wile waiting for the bridge, I asked Terry (whose Valk is notoriously thirsty) where he planned to get gas. He said the Petrocan at the corner of Highway 64. I had to tell him it closed down in the spring. We stopped right over the bridge at the Esso but it was out of gas. "Sorry for the inconvenience", it said. Inconvenience? With most of the other stations closed, that could be a disaster for someone. Lucky for us, we had enough gas to make it across Highway 64 to Noelville.

Up through Lavigne on 64, we turned east again on Highway 17 to Sturgeon falls where I retrieved one Visa Gold card. Then we all road back to Sudbury into the setting sun. The others went on the Shaughnessy's Restaurant for wings while I went on home for supper.

It was a good ride today. I don't get out with Terry often enough and really enjoy putting on some miles with him.

Today's Route (365 miles):

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sudbury Ontario to Verner Ontario Return

Today, I rode the bike to RL Equipment in Verner, 45 miles east of here, for a new set of tires. They also changed the final drive oil, air filter and a few burnt out bulbs. The headlight burned out just as I got the bike out this morning, good timing that saved me having to change it.

I rode in and out of drizzle on the way there, with rain starting after the bike was in the shop. It stopped by the time I was ready to head home.

The tires I put on were a Bridgestone G704 on the rear and a G709 on the front. This has been a good combination for me although this one went a little quickly. It went just over 20,000 kms while its predecessor went almost 28,000. The tire wore quickly at first despite running back roads at relatively slower speeds. I don't know if it was a bad tire or if Bridgestone has been playing with the rubber compounds. We'll see how this one lasts.

I also picked up two buttons for the passenger. Both are J&M and Velcro to the passenger grab rail. One is a CB Push To Talk switch and the other will cut out the passenger microphone if it is getting too much wind noise. I'll install them when I change the oil next week.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interlochen Michigan to Sudbury Ontario

We were up at 6:45 and had camp broken by 7:30. After saying our goodbyes, we were underway under still more grey overcast skies by 8:00 AM. We stopped by 8:05 so Sandy could put on her heated Gerbing jacket liner.

Breakfast was a quick stop at McDonald's in Mancelona, where we also fueled up. Then we rode over to Gaylord and caught I-75 north. There were a large number of bikes heading south but I wasn't able to find what event they might have been attending. The temperatures were damp and in the low 20C range. Along the highway, we noted some leaves were already starting to change which reinforces that we are in the last days of summer.

Once again, we crossed the Big Mac on the steel grating. In the Upper Peninsula, we started to get some blue sky and it warmed up a bit. The US bound side of the International Bridge was backed way up but there was no line going into Canada and the Border Guard welcomed us home with only a few questions.

We stopped at the house to visit brother Dave for a bit and then continued on back to Sudbury in a north crosswind. It seems we can never catch a tailwind no matter which way we go.

In Blind River, we stopped at Tim's for lunch but it was just too busy so we moved down the street to Subway where we were the only ones in the place.

I had one almost mishap east of Spanish when I pulled out to pass a semi that was following a sodbuster van doing about 80 KPH. We were on a solid line with a passing lane going the other way and a car appeared out of a dip I didn't know was there. For some reason, the car was in the left (passing) lane even though it was the only vehicle going west. I noted the distance and saw I could complete the pass so I rolled on and pulled back in. Sandy said the oncoming vehicle (which I didn't look at because I was focused on getting back in the gap) never moved over. No big deal but, while a wreck would have been my fault, I felt the other guy could have helped out a bit.

We got home without any more incidents and got things stowed away in short order.

Today's Route (397 miles):

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interlochen Michigan

After rain much of the night, some were flooded out this morning and some were fine. It was a quiet day for us starting with the usual breakfast at Dilbert's where I found that a Southern Omelet (filled with sausage and covered with sausage gravy) and a side of bacon are too much to eat.

We hung out at the campground where the soft ice cream was free and Tvlle's wife kept us furnished with cherry pies. A lady camper who retired and then started driving long haul truck (she looked like a school teacher)had a couple of dogs. One was an older German shepherd and the other was a good looking cross between an Irish wolfhound and an Airedale terrier.

Irish wolfhound/Airedale terrier mix

Stewey packed up and hit the road in the afternoon so he could take the longer route to Peoria, avoiding Chicago and the road construction. Zever left soon after headed back to southern Ontario.

Some of us decided to go to Giovanni's, just down the road, for supper. I led, followed by Big Grouch, Shoot, Scotty and Marlene. I guess when I slowed near the crossroads because of the Jeep ahead of me stopping to make a left turn, Shoot didn't notice because there was a sudden squeal of brakes from the rear. It was both Shoot and Scotty. Luckily, they got stopped before anything made contact.

Supper was OK but not spectacular. I seem to remember their fare being better last year. Back at the campground, we took down the awning while it was dry in anticipation of packing up in the morning.

Again, we were in bed by 10:00. I figure I must really be getting old since I didn't have one late night all weekend. Oh well, I better get used to it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Interlochen Michigan

It rained again this morning. When it stopped, we rode over to Dilbert's for breakfast. The smart phone showed more rain coming and, after we got back to the campground and took cover under the Pavilion, it poured.

Rather than take a chance on the weather, we spent the whole day sitting around CycleMoore. I got some notes done and photos sorted while we discussed, riding, travel and politics.


Big Grouch


CycleMoore Campground

Stewey, Marlene, Scotty & Big Grouch

Our campsite

Sandy and I rode into the crossroads in Interlochen for a quick supper at Subway. By the time we got back, there were dire predictions of an imminent storm coming across Lake Michigan from Wisconsin where they had reported 70 MPH straight line winds. The radar showed the system to be big, organized and heading our way. We moved the bikes under the pavilion awning and everyone, Wingers, Hog people and VROC, gathered there.

Bikes under cover

People under cover

As the clouds started to reach us, we could see they were moving different directions and some even showed evidence of rotation. A brave young lady from The Eagles Lodge stopped by to see if anyone wanted pizza. Stewey ordered one and it was back before the downpour hit. While there were strong winds at the outset, it was nowhere near what we had been told to expect. Once again, we dodged a bullet.

Again, we were in bed by 10:00.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interlochen Michigan

Today is the fifth anniversary of the wreck on the Blue Ridge Parkway that took Rick "Wolfman" Jakubas, VROC #3, from us. Rick was one of the very small group of people who got VROC started and was responsible for our excellent website. RIP Rick. We miss you.

Some thunder boomers rolled through the campground at 6:30 and the rain continued until 9:00 AM, when we finally headed next door to Dilbert's Cafe for breakfast.

KT & Wrong Turn at Dilbert's Cafe

Zever and Stewey

Back at the campground, Stewey's smart phone (a very handy device to have around) showed that the rain should be over for the immediate future and so we planned to take a little ride. We all went, with KT and Wrong Turn following in the Jeep.

Zever, Sandy, KT, Wrong Turn and Stewey talking ride options

I had a couple of errands to run first thing and so the group decided to accompany me. First we stopped at a nearby post office so I could mail the refurbished Zumo to Art in Albany. I figured it would be easier and safer to ship from within the US. Cheaper too. Then we rode into Traverse City and stopped at a Radio Shack so I could buy some Deoxit spray contact cleaner, the kind Mal had in Colorado that fixed my cruise control buttons. I also bought some battery powered speakers for the Netbook.

Now that the business was done for the day, I led the group along some back roads to M 72 and followed that to the village of Empire where I planned to stop for ice cream. Alas, the ice cream shop was closed up and for sale. Then I looked forward to a ride down M 22 but found the best part of the road was being reconstructed. Figuring we needed some consolation after these disappointments, I took the gang on down 22 and across Crystal Road to the Cherry Hut in Beulah where we had pie, ice cream and coffee.

The lot at the Cherry Hut, Beulah Michigan

Full of pie, we headed back to the campground. Sandy and I went on into Interlochen and got some supplies at Tom's grocery store. Back at camp, more people had rolled in and we spent time visiting until it was time to go to supper.

Rainman, Big Grouch, Sandy, Fireball, Marlene, KT and Wrong Turn

In a simple mood, Zever, Stewey, sandy and I went over to Culver's where we had burgers and fries. Then Sandy and I split a two scoop caramel/cashew sundae for dessert.

The campfire was roaring at one end of our campsite while a few of us sat back and caught up on recent happenings. As is usual these days, we were in bed by 11:00.

Today's Route (76 miles):

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sudbury Ontario to Interlochen Michigan

It was 9C at dawn this morning but warmed up while we were packing, checking tires and getting the trailer hooked up. We finally got underway about 10:00 AM under a clear sky with a gentle breeze blowing. I had found the trailer feeling odd when I hauled it to the Freedom Rally a few weeks ago. With the proper 20 PSI instead of the 12 that I found in the tires, it went much better. The rebuilt suspension also felt better, leading me to believe that the rear was damped a little softer than previously.

Traffic was stopped by police on the Southeast Bypass where the road was down to one lane due to clean up operations for a large wreck. It looked like a semi had gone off the road and down an embankment. (We later found out that it was a milk truck that had gone over after hitting a car that had strayed into its lane. The car driver, an elderly lady, did not survive.) While waiting we talked to a couple on a Yamaha Warrior who were returning home to Port Elgin after a tour of Newfoundland.

Along Highway 17 to the Soo, we met a lot of bikes, mostly Harleys, heading east. This was about the right timing for riders returning from Sturgis.

On roads like this, which I have traveled so often in the last forty years, my mind goes into some kind of a meditative state and the landmarks, big and small, slide by until, all of a sudden, you're a hundred miles away.

We stopped at the Subway in Blind River for lunch at 11:58. No line when we went in but there were a number of people queued up by the time we had our order. Perfect timing. Not quite so perfect were the free breakfast coupons we got for tomorrow for any Subway in Canada. Unfortunately, we'll be in Michigan so Sandy gave them to the couple at the next table. BTW, Subway Canada has a new steak and bacon melt sandwich on the menu. I'll have to try this sometime soon.

Riding along, I noticed that I was getting a pain in my left hip that was shooting down my left leg and causing a burning in my shin. It looks like the sciatica is back and I'll have to watch my posture while I'm riding.

As we approached the Soo, clouds started to build. On the new four lane passing Echo Bay, it actually started raining a bit but that stopped by the time we stopped for coffee before crossing the border. The sky to the south, however, still looked threatening.

Since this whole watch list deal, I have started to experience a sense of dread approaching the US border. I never know what will happen any more. The line wasn't too long although a large RV was blocking the lanes for a while. When I pulled into the booth, the agent asked if I ever had problems crossing the border. I told him yes and that I could categorically state I was not James L. Robinson and was even a different colour. He asked if I had the registration for the bike, a new question, and I had to dig it out of the bottom of the fairing pocket, leaving the rest of the stuff there in total disarray. After asking whether the trailer was a pop-up, he said I handed the Robinson question well and said that it was too bad that, with all the technology available, the NEXUS system couldn't make the confusion go away. Then he sent us on our way.

Before we reached the toll booth, we encountered an whole new thing and were pulled aside into a line of three other vehicles. They told us to walk to the front of the line with the people from the other cars and a white panel truck with radiation signs on it drove down the line. Then they released us. It looks like they were practicing with a new back scatter radar unit.

At the gas station, we fueled and repacked the fairing pocket. Then we headed south on I-75 listening to MP3 tunes, with the volume readjusted to a consistent 98 Db, on the Zumo (thanks, Brother Bear).

About 20 miles before St. Ignace, the dark clouds ahead and a light spit of rain caused me to stop under an overpass and put on our rain suits. In the five minutes it took to do this, the rain clouds disappeared. I have no idea where they could have gone but am pretty sure that when you put on the suits you step into an alternate universe where everything is different.

Dark clouds approaching St Ignace (before rain suits)

On the Mackinac Bridge, there were moderately high winds, reducing the trucks to 20 MPH. The right lane was, as usual, closed and we had to follow one such truck over the steel grating. Low speeds are the worst on this surface on a bike but, again, it didn't bother me at all. I am really enjoying the calm feeling I get riding in what used to be nerve wracking conditions.

We stopped in Gaylord at McDonald's for supper.  I checked the oil as I fueled up to be sure that wasn't contributing to the slightly elevated temperature gauge. The oil was fine so I attributed it to the strong cross winds, which have always affected the air through the rad. Stewey called to see if we would be in before supper and I told him they should go without us. He also said the Gold Wing club had taken our usual end of the campground so we were into different real estate.

We rode across the Alba Road to US 131, followed that to Kalkaska and then took M 72 to US 31 which goes right by the CycleMoore gate.

We arrived at the campground about 7:00 PM and found Stewey, Zever, Tvlle and his wife sitting in the pavilion. We set the trailer up and, just after dark, Wrong Turn and KT pulled in with her Jeep towing their Kwik-Kamp trailer. Jim isn't quite back to riding yet after the spring wreck and a setback when the titanium bar in his upper arm broke, but they were here.

After an evening of visiting, we turned in at 10:30 without even having started a fire.

Today's Route (392 miles):

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Merrickville Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

I was up early again and showered in what had to be the smallest stall I have ever encountered. I needed to step outside to turn around. Then I paid a visit to the nice ladies at Brewed Awakenings for another breakfast including a fresh sliced tomato. I read the paper as I sipped coffee and watched the locals come and go.

Back at the hotel, my outside key worked and I was able to get back to my room. Paul picked me up at 9:45 and we headed back to his place where he finished reassembling the front end and and retorqued the steering head bearings.  The new anodized aluminum fork brace, complete with the fork guards, looked really good.

Starting out for home, I found that the bike had a deceleration wobble at about 60 KPH. This was one of the key things that the Traxxion/All Balls bearing/fork brace modifications corrected so I took it back. Paul reset the front axle and fork brace and the problem went away.

I headed north on Upper Dwyer Hill Road until Highway 7 where I turned east and followed 7 to 417. Traffic was not bad until I got to the construction zone at Arnprior where the two-lane road started. From there to Pembroke it was moderately heavy, compounded by three sections where the road was down to one lane controlled by a flagman.

Through Stonecliff, the temperature was showing as 30C. Then, for a long stretch after Deep River, there were no vehicles going my way and few going the other. I set the cruise at 18 over and motored along without interference.

I stopped just before 6:00 at McDonald's in North Bay for a quick bite and ended up making it home about 7:00.

The suspension initially seemed stiffer and I wondered about a break in period. As I bounced along the unrehabilitated sections of Highway 17, it got more compliant and I believe that the new back shock is actually damped a little softer than the one it replaced. In any case, it handles great and I won't need to do this again until the bike has 300K Kms on it.

Today's Route (313 miles):

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Merrickville Ontario - Youneeditdone

I was awake at 4:00 AM so I took advantage of the time to type up some documents that needed attention. Then, about 6:30, I took to the sleepy streets of Merrickville and walked a block down to a little coffee shop called Brewed Awakenings. There, for $6.00 (taxes included), I had a breakfast of ham, eggs, toast and a fresh tomato. The tomato was in place of hash browns and I appreciated the choice.

Returning to the hotel, I discovered a problem. The Baldachin Inn doesn't have a full time front desk so they give you a key to your room and another to the outside door so you can get in when the place is locked up. To my horror, I found that the outside key didn't work. It was now after 7:00, I had to be at Paul's at 8:30 and I the front desk wasn't supposed to open until 11:00.

I walked back to the restaurant and gas station to see if anyone could tell me how to get in touch with the absentee owner or staff. No luck. Then I called the Ontario Provincial Police figuring they should have a contact number in case of burglary or fire. They checked and called me back. Again, no luck. I sat outside until 8:00 hoping that someone else would come out but I think I was the only guest.

Lucky for me that, while my jacket and other belongings were locked inside, I had the bike key and my helmet was in the trunk. I finally gave up, put on the helmet (it wasn't too cool this morning) and rode the short way to Spillway Farm's, Paul's home and the Youneeditdone shop.

Paul and his friend Cathie were just having coffee when I arrived. We got the bike up on the lift and Paul started on the rear suspension. Because of the monoshock design, this is a bear to get to but he got the shock out. Then a set screw stuck while trying to disassemble it and we had to take it to a nearby auto shop to get it out. Finally, with a new shock in the rear in place, he started to pull the front apart.

I spent some time talking to Cathie, who coincidentally had been to several Sudbury Freedom rallies with a mutual friend, Greg from Ottawa. She was planning a trip to North Carolina via the Blue Ridge Parkway so I shared some of my favourite roads and tips with her.

With the intense heat and humidity, Paul knocked off for the day about 6:30. The extra time with the set screw and drilling a bolt out of one fork leg had put things behind. In anticipation of potential problems, I had my room booked for a second night so Paul drove me back to town and would pick me up again tomorrow morning.

The lady on the desk at the Baldachin was very apologetic about the key. She said the fire department had her number in case of emergency and she lived a block away. Fire department! I should have tried that or maybe the OPP should have. Anyway, they are not geared up for customer service. I suggested that a number to call in case of emergency would be a good thing to put in the front window. The new outdoor key got checked several times.

I walked over to the Main Street Family Restaurant for supper and had a lasagna that included bacon and ham preceded by a Caesar salad. Following that, I returned to my room where I read for a while before going to sleep early.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Sudbury Ontario to Merrickville Ontario

I had noticed before the Freedom rally that the left fork on the Wing was leaking a bit of oil. It looked like the fork seal had been compromised, probably due to a bug carcass or grit getting on the unprotected (because of the Kuryakyn fork brace) fork tube. In addition, I had been planning to have the rear shock rebuilt since it was way over the interval suggested by Traxxion Dynamics.

Since my shop won't touch the high tech aftermarket suspension, I contacted Paul at Youneeditdone in Merrickville Ontario to arrange for a complete servicing and the installation of a Traxxion fork brace with guards. He ordered all the parts and we picked August 10th to do it, so today I needed to head down there.

On the way out of town, I swung by the police station to drop of a donation cheque on behalf of the Freedom Riders. The city had the traffic so screwed up due to paving operations that I wished I had mailed it. Finally I was on the road by 12:35, heading east under partly cloudy skies on a 25C afternoon.

I stopped at RL Equipment in Verner to pick up two J&M headset cords that had been back ordered. While there, I booked two service appointments, one before the fall trip for new tires and one in late September for a 50K km service. I also ordered two J&M buttons for the passenger, one a CB Push-To-Talk switch and the other to shut down the passenger intercom microphone when not in use to reduce wind noise.

From Verner, I continued east on Highway 17. Outside Mattawa, I saw a vehicle pulled over by a dark red Tahoe with hidden blue/red flashing lights. There is a ghost police vehicle I would never have expected. I noted as I rode that the wind was out of the east, an unusual direction which continued to prove the wind is seldom at my back. The new pavement east of Mattawa is excellent, in contrast to the broken road surface in the small town itself.

In Deep River, I stopped for gas and then had to pass many of the same cars all over again. Further along, traffic was down to one lane east of Cobden. This was right at the entrance to Yonder Hill Campground, a place where several of the great old Ottawa Valley Touring Club Rallies in the Valley were held in the 90's. Then I had to thread my way through a long line that was being held up by two bikes riding at 80 KPH in a 90 zone. I was embarrassed for them.

Turning south at Arnprior, I followed Upper Dwyer Hill Road as clouds developed ahead of me. At the corner of Franktown Road, I saw one of Canada' worst kept secrets when I passed the double fenced property that is home to JTF2, Canada's equivalent to the US Delta Force. I would have liked to take a picture but was afraid they might take exception.

When I turned west along the Rideau Canal for the last little bit into Merrickville, I was faced with a serious looking black cloud. I arrived still dry at the Baldachin Inn, an 1860 vintage building at the main intersection. Originally, this old building is reported to have been the largest department store between Montreal and Chicago. Now it has a restaurant, pub, banquet room and some small hotel rooms. Mine was on the top (3rd) floor with no elevator. I moved down the hall after complaining the the A/C unit didn't work in my first room.

Baldachin Inn - Merrickville Ontario

Ten minutes after I unloaded, the skies opened up. Excellent timing. Unusual for me since, as regular readers will know, my weather luck is not the best when I'm on my own.

Rainfall outside the Baldachin Inn

I had supper in the Baldachin dining room. The ribeye steak was very good but it was also quite pricey. After supper, I took a short walk around the town. Located on the Rideau canal, it is one of the more quaint and historic places I have encountered in Ontario. The canal has one of many sets of locks here and a tie up area for the pleasure boats that frequent the area.

The Rideau Canal - Merrickville Ontario

The Merrickville Locks

Parks Canada runs the locks

After walking for a bit, I returned to my small room and read some of the Butlerian Jihad, the first book in the Dune Legends prequel series by Brian Herbert. I fell asleep early.

Today's Route (xx miles):

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sudbury Ontario - Freedom Riders Memorial Ride and Bash

Every year, the Freedom Riders hold a club only gathering to enjoy each other's company. We usually start off with a Memorial Ride to honour fallen members.

This year, the bash was held at the Mine Mill site the week after the Freedom Rally and we celebrated another successful event while taking care of leftover merchandise from the concession.

Before the bash, a number of us ride from Mine Mill to Fielding Memorial Park where we gathered at a tree planted in memory of Alex Ogilvy, a founding member who was taken from us way too soon. We remembered those who have gone on before riding back to the Bash.

Bikes at Fielding Memorial Park

Rob, Darlene, Sandy and Gil

Alex's tree

The bash had a good turnout. We burned scrap wood and trees in a roaring bonfire and ate a fine supper. Sandy and I left fairly early but we heard the party really got going after we were gone.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sudbury Ontario - Freedom Rally

The 17th Annual Freedom Rally, hosted by our local riding club the Freedom Riders Motorcycle Association of Northern Ontario, took place over the weekend at the Mine Mill Union site on Richard Lake.

The grounds were a bit rough this year because of some upgrading going on and construction of a new Mine Mill union hall on the site. Still, 140 attendees were able to get set up for three nights of camping and fun.

During the days, the participants enjoyed rides and field games while at night Spyder's Web entertained in the hall. Sunday night, a great buffet banquet was served outside under the big top by Classic Catering and awards were presented.

The Freedom Rally is one of the few remaining club rallies in Ontario and, if you have never attended, you should make a point of coming for the 18th Annual next year on Civic Holiday Weekend (ending the first Monday in August).

Freedom Rider regulars Betty, Keitha and Jerry plus Jerry's brother

New Freedom Rider Dan fits right in

Bob, one of the most faithful rally attendees over the last 30 years

Kevin & Maysey from Cambridge, more dedicated rallyists

Normie enjoying the attention of Cathay, Mary Ann, Cheryl and Patsy