Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oil Change Mystery

I went to change the oil on the bike today and encountered a mystery.

When I checked the oil pre-change, it was above full on the dipstick. Then, when I pulled the drain plug, there were two aluminum washers on it instead of the required one. The oil seemed quite amber for having 10,000 kms on it. (10,000 may seem like a lot to the m/c crowd but they are all highway miles, I use full synthetic and the recommended Honda interval is 12,400). Then I went to remove the K&N oil filter, which has a nut welded on the end so you don't need a filter wrench. No nut. It was a Honda filter. Who changed my oil?

I called Jim, service manager at RL, to see if Marc had inadvertently changed it. No notes on the original work order and the filter inventory wasn't out of balance. The only other place the bike was in a shop was a Youneeditdone and I was with it the whole time.

So I am totally at a loss to figure out how this happened. If anyone out there tried to surprise me with fresh oil, please drop me a line..........

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