Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sudbury Ontario to Verner Ontario Return

Today, I rode the bike to RL Equipment in Verner, 45 miles east of here, for a new set of tires. They also changed the final drive oil, air filter and a few burnt out bulbs. The headlight burned out just as I got the bike out this morning, good timing that saved me having to change it.

I rode in and out of drizzle on the way there, with rain starting after the bike was in the shop. It stopped by the time I was ready to head home.

The tires I put on were a Bridgestone G704 on the rear and a G709 on the front. This has been a good combination for me although this one went a little quickly. It went just over 20,000 kms while its predecessor went almost 28,000. The tire wore quickly at first despite running back roads at relatively slower speeds. I don't know if it was a bad tire or if Bridgestone has been playing with the rubber compounds. We'll see how this one lasts.

I also picked up two buttons for the passenger. Both are J&M and Velcro to the passenger grab rail. One is a CB Push To Talk switch and the other will cut out the passenger microphone if it is getting too much wind noise. I'll install them when I change the oil next week.

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