Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interlochen Michigan to Sudbury Ontario

We were up at 6:45 and had camp broken by 7:30. After saying our goodbyes, we were underway under still more grey overcast skies by 8:00 AM. We stopped by 8:05 so Sandy could put on her heated Gerbing jacket liner.

Breakfast was a quick stop at McDonald's in Mancelona, where we also fueled up. Then we rode over to Gaylord and caught I-75 north. There were a large number of bikes heading south but I wasn't able to find what event they might have been attending. The temperatures were damp and in the low 20C range. Along the highway, we noted some leaves were already starting to change which reinforces that we are in the last days of summer.

Once again, we crossed the Big Mac on the steel grating. In the Upper Peninsula, we started to get some blue sky and it warmed up a bit. The US bound side of the International Bridge was backed way up but there was no line going into Canada and the Border Guard welcomed us home with only a few questions.

We stopped at the house to visit brother Dave for a bit and then continued on back to Sudbury in a north crosswind. It seems we can never catch a tailwind no matter which way we go.

In Blind River, we stopped at Tim's for lunch but it was just too busy so we moved down the street to Subway where we were the only ones in the place.

I had one almost mishap east of Spanish when I pulled out to pass a semi that was following a sodbuster van doing about 80 KPH. We were on a solid line with a passing lane going the other way and a car appeared out of a dip I didn't know was there. For some reason, the car was in the left (passing) lane even though it was the only vehicle going west. I noted the distance and saw I could complete the pass so I rolled on and pulled back in. Sandy said the oncoming vehicle (which I didn't look at because I was focused on getting back in the gap) never moved over. No big deal but, while a wreck would have been my fault, I felt the other guy could have helped out a bit.

We got home without any more incidents and got things stowed away in short order.

Today's Route (397 miles):

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