Monday, September 23, 2019

Cornwall Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

It was 70 F under a light rain as we left the hotel about 7:00 AM. Traveling north on Highway 138, we saw another southbound V of Canada geese. Rain was still falling when we reached Highway 417 and stopped at McDonald's in Casselman to pick up breakfast.

Approaching Ottawa on 417 around 8:00 AM on a Monday morning was not, in retrospect, one of my best ideas We had encountered some moderately heavy rain after we left Casselman but that had eased by the time we got into the heavy traffic. Past the city centre, our side eased off and, once we left the city, the highway was largely empty.

Bumper to bumper approaching the Ottawa city centre

Past the city centre, traffic on the other side was worse

Highway 417 west of Ottawa

Traffic was light as we continued on to Deep River, where we stopped for fuel.

A hint of blue sky approaching Arnprior

Ominous clouds near Pembroke

We went south of the main storm

One very slow driver

Rain had eased again when we stopped in Deep River for fuel. Gas was relatively cheap and but the spelling wasn't so good..

The next leg took us to Mattawa.

More rain ahead

Construction at Bissett Creek

Deux Rivieres

The gateway to Mattawa

The new Tim's in Mattawa was busy and the parking lot was tricky for trailers. It was raining fairly heavily and the umbrellas were under the suitcases in the back, so we got a little wet at this bathroom break/coffee stop.

When I am done with my travel mug, I usually put it in the wastebasket in the back behind the console for safekeeping. I guess when I swapped it out for a water bottle a while back, I inadvertently put it in the McDonald's bag from Casselman. Then, at the gas stop in Deep River, Sandy threw the McDonald's bag in the trash can. Oh well, I didn't like that travel mug anyway...

Mattawa was our last stop. The rain devolved into an intense fine mist that was hard to keep off the windshield.

Construction at the Corbeil turnoff

A bit of Blue sky near North Bay

The rain is in our rear view mirror

Road straightening at the Veuve River

Using rock from the blasting as fill down the road

We pulled into the driveway about 2:50. Within a half hour, we had the bike unloaded, the trailer disconnected the luggage moved into the house and were off to the grocery store to restock the kitchen

It was a very good trip but bittersweet, since fall was upon us and winter was just around the corner.

Today's Route (359 Equinox/trailer miles):

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Bethel Maine to Cornwall Ontario

It was time to head home but there was no rush today. Sandy and I were up at 7:00 AM. We had our bags packed and loaded in the car and were in the dining room by 7:30 where I had another carnivore omelet. We said our goodbyes to the rest of the folks as they wandered in. Some of the people were homeward bound while others were continuing their journeys.  A little after 8:30, we were on our way west on US 2.

There was a layer of fog and a few low lying clouds on the landscape as we set out.

Early morning fog at The Suds

Scenes on Highway 2 in Maine

Scenes on Highway 2 in New Hampshire

Of course we will

Lots of changing still to do

Gorham New Hampshire

It was busy in Gorham as we stopped for fuel. Then we followed US 2 until we turned southeast on SR 115 towards Twin Mountain, where we caught US 302. That took us to I-93 and into Vermont.

SR 115/US 302 in New Hampshire

Oh little star...

In Vermont, we left I-93 for a short stretch on US 2 and then went northwest on Vermont 15. I had never taken this road before but it was a pleasant and not too busy alternative to Route 2.

I-93 in Vermont

Love this picture

US 2 in Vermont

State Road 15 in Vermont

SR 15 and SR 104 took us to I-89 North. We exited at Swanton where we stopped at a McDonald's for lunch and I booked a room at the Super 8 in Cornwall.

We crossed into New York on Highway 2 at Rouses Point and then continued on towards Cornwall, Ontario. People might ask why we took this route instead of the shorter way back through Quebec. I was unhappy with a Quebec Supreme Court ruling last year on how their automobile insurance laws worked and felt it was better to avoid the province.

Fort Montgomery - protecting the US from Canada

We stuck with New York for the time being

Lake Champlain

Rouses Point New York

Bull Run Wind Farm keeps growing

We fueled at a Citgo station in Akwesasne on the St Regis Mohawk Reserve before we crossed the St Lawrence River back into Canada. After the First Nation demanded that the Canadian border check be removed from Cornwall Island after the agents were armed, Border Services had operated a makeshift checkpoint on the north end of the bridge. It was nice to see a whole new facility had been completed. After a couple of perfunctory questions, we were back in Canada by 3:25.

Leaving the USA

Seaway International Bridge - Cornwall Ontario

St Lawrence River (Seaway)

Cornwall Island

Canada ahead

Pay the toll first

New customs booths and building

We drove to the north side of town where we found a very nicely appointed Super 8. This was our first stay at this property but I would not hesitate to stop here again.

Super 8 - Cornwall Ontario

There was a Tim Horton's across the parking lot from the motel. Unfortunately, the doors were locked so they did not get our business. There was also a gas station that was closed for renovations, but the convenience store attached to it was open. We picked up some snack food and returned to our room where I dealt with three days of notes and photos and six days of receipts.

Took this photo for Heather

One more day and we would be home.

Today's Route (266 Equinox/trailer miles):