Saturday, September 07, 2019

Grayling Michigan to Collinsville Illinois

We had the Ramada breakfast in the ersatz log cabin. I had scrambled eggs and sausages while Sandy had her usual cereal and yogurt. We got underway just before 8:00 AM, heading down US 127. We then cut over to US 131 at Cadillac, where we fueled for the first time today.

 Low lying cloud or fog? M 55 to Lake City

 More changing leaves

 Lake Missaukee, the lake of Lake City Michigan

US 131 took us to Grand Rapids.

 Fog on US 131 south of Cadillac

 GOT fan or weather forecaster?

From Grand Rapids, we followed I-196 to I-94 near Benton Harbor.

 Grand Castle Apartments - Grandville Michigan

 Some of I-196 was good and then there was this...

In 1989, Sandy, the twins and I were traveling with our 1988 GoldWing/Hannigan Sidecar outfit towing a Fibco camper trailer. We were on our way to Moline, Illinois to get floorboards custom fit to the bike by Tom Mix (real name) of BMS Engineering. We had planned to stop for the night at a KOA in St Joseph, Michigan, but I got off the slab early and went through Benton Harbor. On the main street, all the buildings were vacant with the windows papered over. It reminded me of the final scene in the movie On The Beach. When we got to the KOA, I asked about it and the lady was horrified that we had come through there. It looks like the city may still be having some issues.

I-94 took us down the Lake Michigan Shore into Indiana and then became I-294/I-80 west.

Somewhere in Michigan 

 Indiana wants me

 Honest Abe - born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana and associated with Illinois

 Multi-level highways in Indiana

Entering Illinois, we picked up an hour as we moved to Central Time. The GPS and phone knew it right away but the car took some prompting and I had to manually change my watch. I-80 became a toll road but the E-ZPass was honoured so we were able to skip the booths.

 Welcome to the Illinois Tollway

 Thornton Quarry - Illinois

 Ozinga Concrete Dome

Just past Joliet, we turned south on I-55. There were signs suggesting and alternate route due to construction but it was Saturday so we charged ahead.

 Crossing the Des Plaines River

 Barges on the Des Plaines River

 Part of an Exxon/Mobil refinery

There were several places on I-55 where traffic was reduced to one lane in each direction. We had a few minutes getting sorted out at the first one but the northbound side was backed up for miles. The traffic was light enough our way that the remaining zones didn't slow us down at all.

 Northbound I-55 traffic jam

 One of several single lane stretches

 Blue skies coming my way...

 Bloomington Illinois - Caramel Cashew Sundaes

 No problem getting parked at Culver's

 I feel an Airplane joke coming on...

 Tank or Acord?

 Wagon Queen Family Truckster

 We waved at Zeke and Hang

 The car and plate matched

 Searching for lost youth

 Lake Springfield

A nice looking Lutheran Church

We fueled for the third time just before we stopped for the day. The mileage for the day averaged between 15 and 16 MPG (US) at 60 MPH. Not bad. We arrived at the Super 8 in Collinsville, Illinois just after 6:00 PM and got settled in.

Closing thoughts:

I was having a lot of trouble today with fatigue, resulting in more stops than usual. Two nights of less than ideal sleep had caught up with me. Tonight, I need to rectify that. Also, we have been listening to The Heart Goes Last, and audio book of the Margaret Atwood (think Handmaid's Tale) novel. The Eureka Springs weather forecast for this week looks amazing.

We will arrive tomorrow. See some of you there.

Today's Route (585 Equinox/trailer miles):

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