Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Eureka Springs Arkansas - VROC Reunion Day 2 - Push Mountain Road

Today was Laura's ride to Push Mountain Road. It was billed as one of the best motorcycle roads in Arkansas. I had not ridden it before because it was a bit outside my normal riding area. Sandy and Sherm were going to ride but both decided to travel in the chase vehicles driven by Laura and Zeke. It was going to be a hot day and the lure of the A/C was just too great.
Sandy was going to ride

Sherm was going to ride Debbie's bike

Carolyn and Teresa

Zeke and Hancock

Yolanda and Paul (Connecticut)

New tires make all the difference

Ice Cream taking care of business

Paul, Sandy and Laura

Butch and Hancock comparing notes

Yvette looks ready to go

Lanny led the group of 17 bikes and 2 cars across Highway 62 through Harrison to Gassville where we stopped at the Hobo Beef Shack for excellent sandwiches.

John showing off his Honda F6B

After lunch, we fueled in Mountain Home and then rode to the start of Arkansas 341 aka Push Mountain Road. Lanny stopped while I walked the line and told each rider that they were on their own for the next 25 miles. Everyone should ride their own ride and wait at the intersection with Arkansas 14. Then they all left while I had to walk back to my bike.

Push Mountain Rd

A bit of rain on Push Mountain

Waiting to start out

Walking back to my bike

With all the hype, I had expected a very challenging and technical road. It wasn't that severe but was more enjoyable than I anticipated. I started last and had to run to catch the others. Eventually, I passed most of them. I was having fun with the new me. I did see a wild pig and another turtle. Lanny (with Debbie), Brandon and John were waiting when I got to 14. We then waited for the rest to arrive.

The next stop was a gas station in Harriet for water and a bathroom break. I saw a 1969 Volkswagen like the one I had when I was young. Malachi told me he also had a '69. We also met a friendly dog with pale blue eyes.

You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel....

Lanny led to the cemetery in Marshall where we all stopped to pay our respects to Gambler, who passed away last February. 

Laura said we were on our own to get back to the Lodge. Lanny was leading a small group. When he pulled away, I passed them and joined him. Brandon and Paul came along until we lost them in Harrison. We got back to Stonegate just after 4:30 while the rest rolled in over the next 45 minutes. Laura got tagged in her Equinox for speeding in a school zone.

The day was good. I am getting more and more comfortable riding these days and might actually feel the call of the open road again some day.

Zeke, Hang, Sherm, Sandy and I went to Mertie Mae's for supper. This time, I had a Reuben sandwich in addition to the soup and salad bar.

Back at the lodge, I took a few photos before settling down to visit.




red sky at night....

There were no plans for tomorrow. We were back in our room by 9:15.

Today's Route (238 motorcycle miles):

Interactive map

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