Saturday, September 14, 2019

Eureka Springs Arkansas - VROC Reunion Day 5 - War Eagle and Turpentine Creek

This morning we said fond farewells to a number of people who were heading home.

Malachi & Yvette loaded for the trip back to Colorado

Sherm and Mal saying a few final words

Nash telling Yvette a story

Sherm has left the building

Bill is staying and feeling good

Hot sauce is staying

Watchman and Li are staying

Laura is staying (of course)

We went to the Gazebo one more time. We are either in a rut or believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Bill and Laura took us in their car while Paul and Yolanda came in their truck/trailer before leaving for home in Connecticut.

A group of the folks staying today decided to ride south to the Ozone Burger Barn. Lanny led. Sandy and I decided instead that we would accompany Nash in his awesome Indian/sidecar outfit to the Indian dealer in Rogers, War Eagle Mill (a first for him) and Turpentine Creek.

Smoke on the water

Highway 62 is more level than it was

We stopped at the Pea Ridge National Military Park on the way to Rogers. This was the site of the Civil War Battle of Pea Ridge in March, 1862. We arrived just in time to see a demonstration of the firing of a 6 pound smooth bore artillery piece.

We give thanks for modern education

From Pea Ridge, we continued to Rogers and stopped at Heritage Indian Motorcycle of Northwest Arkansas. This was perhaps the nicest motorcycle dealership I had ever been in.

Nash's outfit was the nicest of all

Next it was on to War Eagle Mill. Sandy and I stop here every year and, in fact, my motorcycle had already been here with Sherm aboard. Nash had lunch while Sandy and I had cold drinks. The temperature was around 90 and hydration was essential.

Undershot water wheel

Scooters Over The Ozarks were back

The final stop was Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. They rescue exotic animals from owners who had been exploiting them and specialized in big cats. We saw lions, tigers, ligers, a black leopard and other animals including a grizzly bear named Bam Bam. We did make two mistakes. We did not start the day here when it was cooler and, in 90+ temperatures, we opted for the walking tour instead of paying extra for the air conditioned bus. I can say that the facility is much expanded and improved since we last saw it about 15 years ago.

Abby, our tour guide

We got back to Stonegate about 4:15 PM. Sandy and I worked on getting packed. Some things needed to be rearranged for the next leg of our journey.

Stonegate owners Chuck and Moose hosted a fish fry for supper. I am not a fish fan but this was pretty good. He also had hushpuppies with corn and jalapeno embedded. Too hot for my better half and her acid reflux. Then we toasted John Wayne with Duke bourbon. We reflected on the week and talked about future plans but I did not even take the camera out. After a round of goodbyes, Sandy and I headed to bed.

I need to say something about the riding. I rode more this week than I have at the Reunion for many years. I haven't felt this comfortable in the saddle for many years and am even considering a trip strictly on two wheels next year. Time will tell. But then it only makes the upcoming winter that much sadder.

Today's Route (78 motorcycle miles):

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