Monday, September 09, 2019

Eureka Springs Arkansas - VROC Reunion Day 0 - Missouri 125

I was ready to ride at 7:00 AM, as were Lanny, Brandon and Hancock. Sandy decided not to go. I checked with Bill to see if he could pick up breakfast for Sandy at McDonald's. The temperature was still pleasant as we headed out.

 Hancock ready to go on the token Vulcan

Lanny and Brandon

The road we were heading for was a 16 mile stretch of Missouri 125 between Rueter and Bradleyville. Lanny had been riding this area for days and proclaimed this was either the best or the most enjoyable road he had found.

I led the four of us to Berryville and up Arkansas 21 to Missouri, where we followed 13 and 86 to US 65 North. I should have exited in Hollister but hadn't done enough advance work with the GPS, so we went to US 76 through East Branson. There was a lot of traffic for early on a Monday morning. From there, we connected with US 160 and followed that to Rueter.

Lanny and Brandon, serious fast riders, took the lead. I followed and Hancock came after me. It was a very nice road. Technical enough without any surprises. I am getting faster on these roads and did not experience a single moment of anxiety or panic. We caught up to the twisty twins at Bradleyville.

 Rehashing the ride in Bradleyville

I led back, taking US 160 north of Branson to avoid the traffic. This was a very nice road. Then we went south on Missouri 13 across Table Rock Lake towards Blue Eye. We would have actually gotten there if I hadn't taken a wrong turn. We arrived at Berryville via Arkansas 221 and 21, where Branson and Hancock stopped at Walmart. Lanny and I got back to Stonegate at 11:30.

 In memory of fallen friends

Sandy and I took the car to Walmart in Berryville for a power bar (electrical) and some snack items and then I took a nap. When I woke up, more people had arrived.

 Malachi and Yvette from Colorado

 Vickie, Kay and Debbie from Texas

 Lanny and Watchman

 Big Dawg & Carolyn and Oak & Dee from Indiana plus Butch & Teresa from Kentucky

 Laura greets Big Dawg and Carolyn

 Butch, Cleve and Paul

 Bill, Dee & Oak

 Mitch's ride

Mal and Yvette joined Sandy and I at Myrtie Mae's for supper. It was crowded with bus tour people but we finally got seated. Sandy and I stuck with the soup and salad bar.

 Is our table ready yet?

Back at the ranch, someone had been checking to see what the white stuff on Hancock's rear tire was. It was cord. We were glad the tire lasted through our ride today. There was a local shop who would mount the tire if the customer brought the wheel in. This was no big deal except that the Nomad does not have a centre stand. VROC ingenuity created one with some cinder blocks and a bit of lifting.

 Same question as Fontana - how many VROC'ers to change a tire

 We don't need no stinkin' centre stands

 I don't think a tire plug would help

Where have I seen that plate before?

They changed projectors so we settled in to the gazebo to watch RED. I had forgotten just how funny it was. But then I skipped out early to greet Sherm, who had covered 2,119 miles from Grant's Pass, Oregon in 47 hours to get here.

Let the bells ring out and the banners fly...

We planned on another early ride tomorrow so we turned in early.

Today's Route (178 motorcycle miles):

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