Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bike Show This Weekend

The first of the two Toronto motorcycle shows will be taking place at the Convention Centre this weekend.

We're planning to meet Steve "Jester" Wilner of Detroit, newly retired, and Bruce McGivern from the south side of Georgian Bay in Barrie about 4:00 tomorrow.  They're attending the show Friday while we're going Saturday.  Steve won't be at the January show so we're looking for a chance to get in supper and a visit.  Steve was the one we hooked up with for our first VROC rally in Suches, Georgia back in 1999, known as the Good Old Days.

After supper, we'll head on to Kim and Mike's in Cambridge.  Saturday morning, we'll pick up Heather and Tom and head for the show.  Since both of them are now licenced, they'll be looking at the bikes very closely.

I hope to get a change to drop the Zumo motorcycle mount off at Radioworld, north of the city, for a warranty replacement.  The rubber contact guard didn't fare too well in the UV rays and broke off.

Stay tuned to this channel for show coverage.

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