Saturday, November 15, 2008

Riding Season Summary

Another riding season has come to an end.

This year, we travelled 42,188 kms (26,216 mi) and the Wing now has 172,642 kms (107,280 mi) on the clock. We burned 849.9 liters of Canuck gas (224.5 USG) and 481.0 USG of American fuel for a total of 705.5 USG. Average gas mileage was 37.16 MPG.

These statistics don't represent how good the season was.

The May ride to Combermere with Heather and Tom was special. I'm proud of the way they are handling themselves.

KSL was fine and we got our annual fix of those priceless North Carolina Roads.

The west trip, Boscobel, Topaz and Aztec were excellent. The time spent with VSP in Stockton and the train ride to San Francisco will stay in our memories. Thanks to Mal for putting us up while we took a mid-trip break in Vancouver. And Oregon Trails was everything a WWR is supposed to be.

Back home, we took in our own Freedom Rally and Interlochen in August. Then we took the fall tour, Cyclefest in Waterloo, NEVROC in Bethel, Maine and then on to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

We got to make the run from Topaz to Aztec with Sherm, VSP and Slammer. Then we rode from Bethel to Kentucky with Tom Miller. We normally travel alone, but these people are the best and it was a pleasure to ride with them.

So, all-in-all, it was a great season. next year, the WWR is in Kentucky. My original idea was to head for Topaz and come back with the western contingent, but Heather and Tom are riding down so we'll stay here and ride down with them. Then it will be on to Laconia. Total mileage for the year will probably be less than the last few, but we'll be looking at keeping the quality level up.

To all those we saw during the season, thank you for making it such a great summer. To all those we haven't met, I hope we get to do so soon.

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