Monday, December 03, 2012

Cambridge Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

It was grey overcast this morning. The warm weather had melted all the snow and ice and I was comfortable in a T-shirt and sneakers. The trip home was uneventful as we took Highway 24 to Airport Road, Highway 9 and Highway 400 North. In Caledon, we saw Canada geese flying north. Either they are confused or they know something we don't.

In Guelph - look beside the pole for a mini-excavator hung by a cable

I made a note to mention a comedian named Ross Bennett who we caught on XM. He did a routine on water skiing that had me laughing hard enough I couldn't see for the tears in my eyes. Not so good when you are the one who is steering 6,000 pounds of Chevy truck (OK, almost a truck) down the road. I looked on YouTube but didn't find the particular routine. Still, keep an eye out for this guy.

The Barrie service centre I keep complaining about actually had a construction trailer set up and they were cutting down fir trees. Maybe they will finally get this done some day. Or at least get it started.

We stopped at the Esso at Waubaushene. They have this moose sculpture there but I guess I have never looked at the sign before. I wonder what they were thinking?

I understand the rest, but yodeling????

The stretch of Highway 69 north of Harris Lake to the Magnetawan Bridge has been resurfaced. Wow, I didn't even notice them doing it. It is really nice, though, since this had been the worst stretch of pavement on the whole highway. North of the French River, they say two stretches will be finished by summer of 2015 and 2016, respectively. I wander about the rest, which is supposed to be done by 2017. Hard to tell when the MTO website is three years out of date. But that is government for you.

There was an OPP cruiser on the four-lane north of Estaire parked in the perfect spot to catch northbound traffic. He was just around a curve hidden by a rock  cut. Lucky for me 119 KPH in a 100 didn't catch his eye. As we approached Sudbury, we found that after blue sky for a couple of hundred miles, the city was under a cloud. No surprise.

You can tell we are approaching Sudbury

As usual, I noted the gas prices. Regular was $1.207 per liter in Cambridge when we left and was $1.286 when we got home. For the US crowd, that is a difference of over $0.30 per gallon. Another cross we bear here in the north. We got into the driveway at about 1:00 PM, not bad time for a winter drive.

Today's Route (285 truck miles):

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