Monday, March 02, 2015

Cambridge Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

We woke up to blue skies and strong winds. It was -6C when we hit the road about 8:30, taking Highway 24 towards Guelph to avoid the Toronto Monday rush hour traffic. Highway 24 through Guelph continued to be ripped up. Again. We took back streets to get to McDonald's and then caught 24 on the other side of the construction. Guelph side streets were down to one lane in some places due to snowbanks. For the near future, I will go around the city on county roads.

Northeast of Guelph, blowing snow due to the high winds was building up on patches of the road depending on where the windbreaks were.

This is called a "bare to centre-bare" road

Then there was wind drift

We followed 24 to Airport Road, took that north and then followed Highway 9 to the 400 North. Leaving Barrie, the exit where 400 parts company with Highway 11 was still under construction.

Highway 400/11 split

The rest of the trip was uneventful. Overhead electronic Compass signs touted Arrive Alive, the provincial organization dedicated to combating impaired driving that our own Action Sudbury is affiliated with.

We arrived back in Sudbury about 2:00 PM to water running in the roadways. The higher sun is more intense and is melting the snow despite below freezing temperatures, especially where anything dark like sand is mixed in with the snowbanks.

Here's hoping March, which has come in like a lamb, doesn't go out like a lion.

Today's Route (281 Avalanche miles):

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