Monday, June 29, 2015


The Saturday following the procedure, I was lying on the couch when I suddenly noted a large bruise at my elbow. I assumed that the artery was leaking at the puncture point so I had Sandy drive me to the Emergency Room. They put me in the higher priority section, but the doctor who saw me said he figured it was old blood coming to the surface. He sent me for a ultrasound of the elbow to ensure I didn't have a pseudo-aneurysm. A young lady named Brittany held by arm in her lap as she worked the ultrasound antenna (or whatever they call it) around. Back in the ER, the doc said I wouldn't bleed to death and sent me on my way.

 I'm turning out to be a colorful character

A few days later, I got in to see Dr. Dube, our GP. He was very pleased that I hadn't had a cigarette in several weeks and that the puncture site had been cleared by ultrasound. When I told him about the problems finding my femoral arteries, he said he would send me for another ultrasound to see what is up.

Not long after that, I got a call from the Cardiac Rehab Centre. I made an appointment to go in and see my old friend Trevor. He was my caseworker last time and was my fitness coach when I first started going to the YMCA almost 15 years ago. We agreed I would start at the first level for a few weeks.

Two weeks after the procedure, Dr. H. said I was cleared to play golf. Now I will have to scout around for an underwriter to cover me for traveling out of country. The June Boscobel trip and the July California/Idaho trip are out, but I'd like to salvage Interlochen/North Carolina in August and Arkansas in September, and especially Disney World in November.

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