Friday, February 26, 2016

Sudbury Ontario to Sault Ste Marie Ontario Return

I haven't seen my brother Rabbi (Dave) in over a year. We meant to get together last summer to golf, but time just slipped by. He lives in the Soo in Mom's old house but works in Alberta as a welding inspector. He said he was around this week but would be going west soon, so I made a firm decision to go down for lunch on Wednesday. OK, not Wednesday because we had the Freedom Riders Club Supper. Thursday, then. But on Thursday we caught a major snowstorm along the North Shore. Too risky. Today was Friday. The last chance.

Look what I got

We got a bit of snow yesterday but blowing can wait

This would be our first time out of town since we got home from Disney World in early November. We hit the road about 7:00 AM this morning, stopping at Tim's to try the new croissant breakfast sandwich to go. There is no such thing as a bad croissant and Sandy won a free coffee when she Rolled Up The Rim.

The road was salty, but the skies were bright and there was little traffic. I find that the Equinox is a lot more cramped that the Avalanche was, mostly because it is narrower. We can adjust to this but my idea of going cross country touring in a Miata probably would not have worked out.

It was odd moving west. We have been accumulating snow an inch or two a day and now with a couple of storms. Banks and drifts are high. But as we moved mast Massey, the banks on the side of the road started to diminish. There was no fresh snow, indicating the storm yesterday didn't come through here at all.
No snow banks just west of Blind (long may you run) River

Mennonite buggy near Thessalon (no snowbanks)

And very little snow in the fields

We arrived in the Soo about 10:30. It was good to catch up with Rabbi on what's been going on. I slipped out at noon and picked up Tim's pulled pork sandwiches on a ciabatta bun for Sandy and I. Rab doesn't eat lunch, apparently. We made some plans to golf this summer. This time, it will happen.

I tried to convince Rabbi that he should get on Facebook but he has been avoiding it like it was poisoned. One thing I have learned in sixty years is that you will never get Rabbi to do something he doesn't want to. But he does text, so we have that option:-)

Brother Rabbi (Dave)

We headed back about 2:30. Traffic was a bit heavier but the trip was uneventful and we pulled into our driveway at 5:45.

Today's Route (407 Equinox miles):

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