Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Bike Is Out

It was a nice day yesterday. The snow that fell on Friday and prompted the final use of the snowblower had mostly melted. I went to the garage, checked the tire pressure and oil level on the Wing and fired it up. It started up immediately and settled right into a smooth idle.

After getting suited up, I tip-toed out into the sand covered street and on out of the subdivision. It was just a short ride. Here on out through Garson and on the the village of Falconbridge (I wonder if they should change the name to XStrata since the company doesn't like the name Falconbridge?). The bike ran strongly and smoothly and the new suspension setting continued to eat up the few bumps I was unable to avoid. On the way back, I took a slight detour around on Maley Drive and down to the Kingsway, but didn't stay out too long.

Today, I went back out again, on to Falconbridge with a stop at the Sudbury Trail Plan office to see Normie. Then I took a spirited ride down the Garson/Coniston Road before stopping for gas $1.19 / Liter) and coming home.

It feels great. I am happy.

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