Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanging Around Cambridge

It was a slow morning. Mike got up and went to work for a while, Kim and Sandy were down in the kitchen and I slept in. When I did get up, I found that the hat I had forgotten at home might have protected me from getting the nasty sunburn on my expanding forehead yesterday.

Kim made breakfast and then I got down to catching up on some blogging. Stopping only for lunch, I finally got caught up by 2:00 PM. Then I turned to my outstanding Email. For some reason, I tend to let the Emails slide until there are a large number. I have no idea what I have against Email, but it's a curse I live with.

Next, I started doing some camera research since the old one is fried. I really want one like Sherm has, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3. This camera, a 9.1 MP with a 10X optical zoom and a 3" LCD screen was introduced in January, 2007. Wouldn't you know that it was superseded in January, 2008 by the TZ5. The new one has additional features but nothing I felt I really need. It seems TigerDirect cleared out their TZ3's a month ago and I 'm going to have to hunt around for a source.

About 4:30, we got a call from Heather. She and Tom had gone out for a ride. Knowing Tom didn't have a lot of fuel, they were expecting to find a station but had taken a route on which there were none. He was out and she was very low. I got the location from her, took Kim's car and a gas can, stopped for a couple of gallons of gas and found them right where I expected to, New Dundee Road about a half mile from Trussler Road. On the way out, I was looking at a black, ugly cloud to the west but when I arrived it turned out that storm was northbound, missing us completely.

While gassing up, Tom suggested his nickname should be Empty Tank. ET works because he did phone home so that's what it will be. Nicknames are much better when they are earned:-)

Heather and Tom followed me back to Kim & Mike's where they joined us for supper. Then, darkness coming on, they headed back to Waterloo. It's a strange feeling watching one of your children head out on a motorcycle without you. Unsettling. Now I know how my Mom and my in-laws must have felt. But they phoned an hour later and said they were home safe.

Mike and I went over to Blockbuster to pick up a video. Normally, BB has the DVD jackets out front and the generic cases with the actual disc's behind. Tonight, all we could find were the jackets, the way it appears when they are all out of a title. But there were no generic cases. Finally, we checked and saw bar coding on the original cases and realized that they had changed the way they did things. We grabbed Juno and headed home.

Juno was a funny, quirky movie. The acting was great on all fronts and our new favourite Canadian actress, Ellen Page, was excellent. I first saw her in Hard Candy, a very disturbing film in which she played a tough role very well. The quintessential girl next door, I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

After the movie, we all turned in. Leo and Diane will be by in the morning to pick us up and take us home.

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