Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Sled's Back

It seems the plug on the stator was worn and a couple of the wires shorted out. Considering that age can contribute to this and the fact that it is a 1998 MXZ 440 Fan, I'm not surprised.

I also had them fix the loose snow flap that was getting hung up on the top of the track.

The surprising thing is that they have ordered a new primary clutch for me. It seems that there was a clutch recall that is still in effect, so I get a new one free. It should be in next week and they say they can turn it around on the same day.

I got a new mirror to replace the one I broke. In fact, I got two since they sell them in pairs. I hope the next one I break is on the left. After installing it, I'm still trying to figure out why the nuts were 7.5mm. Who has tools for that? I used a 9/32nds socket but it was a bit loose, too. Anyway, the mirror is on and working fine.

Today, Terry and I rode with CN and City police. The shakedown run was about 221 kilometers (138 miles) and it all worked just fine. Lately, we've been riding fairly reasonable and I've taken to sitting relatively passively. Lazy. Today, I went back to my sliding and hanging off style, common among older riders, and felt much better in the tighter and higher speed corners. It's a good practice even when riding conservatively because it makes you ready for the unexpected.

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