Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toronto Bike Show & VROC Dinner

I drove down to Cambridge yesterday. Sandy has been there since before Christmas. Left Sudbury about 10:45 AM in greasy conditions. It squalled to south of Parry Sound, then was clear to Toronto. I splurged and took the 407 to save time, meeting more snow squalls when I joined the 401. I arrived at Kim & Mike's about 3:30.

One strange thing I noticed as I was crossing north of Toronto on the 407 was a flock of Canada geese flying NORTH. I wonder if they know something we don't?

This morning, Heather & Tom came in from a social engagement in Brantford and were at Kim & Mike's by 8:00 AM. We drove in a two vehicle convoy to the International Centre in Toronto, stopping at the Mickey D's in the service centre on the 401 for breakfast.

The show opening time was 10:00 AM and, for once, we arrived early. At 9:30, there were many places not to far from the front door to park. I'll have to try this more often. We bought our tickets and joined the crowd in front of the doors, waiting patiently. There were eight doors, but they only opened one. Now I know how oil feels trying to flow through a funnel.

We wandered the show with no plans to buy anything. Saw a number of friends. Tom wanted to see the new Vulcan Voyager, but the manufacturers don't do this show and the dealers didn't have the prototype I saw at the last show. I skipped the ORRA meeting that usually consumes a bunch of show hours. There was an Ontario Traxxion vendor there. He was surprised by my Traxxion shirt, since the conversion is rare up here in Canada, and his buddy wants to buy the highway pegs I took off the Wing.

By 3:00, we had seen all we wanted to and our feet hurt. We left the show, dropped Tom's car at the Mandarin where supper would be at 7:00, and drove around. A tour of the houses in Woodbridge around the National Golf Course was enlightening. A number of these huge mansions are boarded up. Some are being renovated and others look like they might be foreclosures. We cruised Vaughan, stopping at Tim's for coffee, until it was time to head back to the restaurant.

The Frozen North (Great Lakes) VROC crew have been meeting at the Mandarin bike show weekend for as long as I've been a member. The buffet is great and we need some mutual reassurance in the middle of winter. Turnout was small this year, but the company was good.

Sandy, Marianne, Maxxx & Guns

Rudeboy, Sabrina, Heather & E.T.

Mike (RCAF) paying homage to our crab fishing friend, Bandit

I ate light because, unlike usual, I had to head back to Sudbury tonight to attend an O.P.P. Use of Force training session tomorrow. Stonewall was supposed to have his dinner paid by me tonight since he beat me in the VROC NASCAR Fantasy League last season, but he didn't show due to work requirements.

It was nearly 9:00 when I got my bill and settled up. Sandy joined Tom & Heather for the ride back to Cambridge while I headed north. The road was clear and, north of Barrie, the traffic was light. I passed one semi going my way between Waubaushene and parry Sound, then hooked up with a couple of other cars for the last hundred miles. Got in to Sudbury just before 1:00 AM.

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