Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dress Shopping Day In Waterloo

We were up at Kim's and she, Sandy and I headed for Heather's in Waterloo early. Mike was taking Jolene to see his parents in Aylmer while the ladies searched for bridesmaid dresses.

Heather and Tom were up, with Tom's best friend Darryl and his wife Erin. Soon after, his brother's girlfriend Justyna arrived and the ladies set off in our van for the dress shop in Elmira where they met his other brother's wife, Agnieszka. And so the bridal party was complete.

Tom, Darryl and I kicked around the condo with Tom giving us a masterful demonstration of the advanced levels of Guitar Hero on the Wii. Just before noon, the girls called to say they'd meed us at the Black Forest Inn in Conestogo for lunch.

The Saturday brunch buffet at the Black Forest is much less crowded and a little cheaper that the one on Sunday but it's every bit as good. With the new glucose monitor, I've been staying on my diet quite well and was good today. Other than a very small (but excellent) croissant and two small pancakes with no topping, I avoided starches and sugars. I even passed by the excellent dessert table. The custom made omelet was extremely good.

The ladies had gotten the dress buying done with an absolute minimum of fuss. Erin said she had never seen anything like it. Sandy even picked out a Mother Of The Bride dress.

Erin, Kim, Heather, Agnieszka, Justyna and Sandy outside the Black Forest Inn

After brunch, Sandy and I took Kim back to Cambridge where she planned to take a nap until Mike got home. Then we got our gear and returned to Waterloo for the night.

Thanks for lunch, Tom. Next time is on us.

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