Sunday, March 01, 2009

Waterloo to Sudbury Ontario

We decided to return home Sunday instead of staying over. We'll be headed back down again on Friday anyway.

The day was clear and so were the roads as I took Highway 401 to Toronto. I skipped the 407 and went all the way to 400 because it was Sunday morning and the traffic was relatively light. Not much doing all the way up to Sudbury other than the snow levels increasing as we got closer to home.

The plow had filled the mouth of the driveway after we left. It was hard work with the snow blower because it was pretty frozen but I got it done.

It's hard to believe the large snowbanks here contrasted with virtually no snow down south. On the plus side, our two thaws since Christmas took down a lot of snow otherwise we would have more snow than I have ever seen. As it is, it looks like we'll finish out the best snowmobile season in years in fine style.

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