Monday, March 23, 2009

Something to do for the day......

Leo called and asked if I would go to Toronto with his ferry crew and drive a car back for the Ford dealership. Not much pay, but I like to drive.

Five of us left here southbound at 6:00 AM in a Ford mini-van. It was -13C when we left, but the sky was clear and stayed that way all day. There was a quick pit stop at the Tim's south of Parry Sound and we arrived at a Ford dealer near Yorkdale at about 10:15. John picked up an F150 truck and started home. Then we dropped Leo at another dealer where he picked up a 450 truck with a small dump bed. Don, our captain on this trip, made a mistake between the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway, so we got a tour of a part of Toronto I'd never been in before.

My car was at a dealership on the Queensway, right beside where the Gardiner, QEW and 427 meet. This time it was a Ford Fusion. Automatic transmission, cruise control, all the important stuff. I hooked up the GPS (Don said a GPS was cheating) and followed directions up the 427, across 401 and north on the 400. Grabbed lunch in Barrie and had the car at the dealership in Sudbury by 4:15.

The Fusion drove nicely. Good handling, nice ride. Visibility to the rear wasn't as good as I'm used to and the brakes chattered for some reason, but I didn't use them much. Around Barrie, I discovered the Sirius satellite radio built into the console. After playing for a while, I found US talk radio and listened to a discussion of President Obama's efforts so far.

One thing I did notice was the heavy layer of salt still on the roads. We'll need some solid rain before I do this run on the bike.

All in all, a good day. Some pleasant driving and a few dollars in my pocket.

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