Saturday, March 21, 2009

Season Planning

Although it's snowing today, yesterday was the official FIRST DAY OF SPRING and there was a lot of melting over the last week. It will be possible to get the bike out as soon as we have a good rain to wash the salt off the road. All it needs is the removal of a mothball that fell into the right tailpipe as I was applying anti-rodent baggies last fall. It's in a harmless location but I'm not sure what it would do if it heated up in there.

So now it's time to consider our plans for the upcoming season. With the Wolfman's Wandering Rally (WWR) being held in Kentucky and our plan to ride down with Heather and Tom, it looks like a ride out west won't be in the cards this summer. That said, we'll try to do some more laid back, closer to home riding and maybe I can figure out how to hit a golf ball again.

So here's what I know right now:

May 07-10: Freedom Riders Mall Display, Sudbury On
May 14-18: Fry Guys Weekend, Combermere On
Jun 11-14: WWR, Richmond Ky
Jun 18-21: NEVROC Laconia Weekend, Epsom NH
Jul 31-Aug 03: Freedom Rally, Sudbury On
Jul 09-12: GLVROC Rally, Angola In
Aug 13-16: Interlochen Mi
Aug 22-23: FNVROC Meet In The Middle, Somewhere in Ontario
Sep 03-07: Cyclefest, Waterloo On
Sep 18-20: either NEVROC Maine Ride, Bethel Me OR VROC Reunion, Eureka Springs Ar
(unless one of them reschedules, the we do both)

Brother Bear also tells me he and Laurie are traveling the two weeks after July 4th, so we might go riding with them. That W(BG)V trip a couple of years ago was fun and they are good people to share the road with.

I may take the bike to Georgia for a suspension rebuild this spring, or I might put it off until later. I also want to squeeze in some time in the North Carolina mountains, riding the best roads in the world. A few closer camping and exploring trips might get fitted in as the urge hits us.

Whatever happens, we will keep the blog going and share our thoughts of the open road with anyone who is interested.

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