Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cambridge to Sudbury Ontario

We didn't get a chance to see Heather and Tom yesterday because they were at work trying to clean up a backlog Heather has been facing. They were going back in today for 9:00, so we headed over early to buy them breakfast. It was REALLY early, because we sprung the clocks ahead last night.

Tom led us down the road a short piece to the Cedar Barn Restaurant. We had a nice breakfast and got a chance to visit a bit. Then they headed for Ayr and we headed home.

On the 401, I saw a GL1800 Kitchener bound. About five miles later, on our side, I saw a salt truck dispensing product on the road. Maybe he knows something the Wing rider and I don't. Traffic was light through Toronto and up the 400. The ski hill at Mt. St. Louis had lots of snow but very few skiers. I can't imagine why people aren't out in droves for some nice spring skiing.

We got home mid-afternoon. I settled down to watch the Atlanta NASCAR race. Once again, my choices didn't help me a lot. Them's the breaks.

It looks like we'll be around home until we get the bike out, unless something comes up. I'll be posting our tentative summer itinerary soon.

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