Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sudbury Ontario to Bolton Ontario Return

It was below freezing most mornings recently, including today. Sandy and I were off to Bolton, just north of Toronto, to meet Kim and Jolene at Fairytale Dreams & Destinations to plan a fall trip to Disney World. We had an appointment for noon.

We took Sandy's little red Kia to save gas, leaving town at 7:15. The new GPS telling us we should arrive at 11:00 AM. The car is nice but I miss my satellite radio. There wasn't a cloud in the sky when we stopped at the Tim's south of Parry Sound for a bathroom break.

Sandy and her car

We could still see some snow in the bush on the north facing hills. Mount St. Louis ski hill north of Barrie still had a lot of the white stuff visible. The summers seem to be getting shorter as I get older.

Mount St. Louis

We arrived in Bolton at 11:00 AM, as predicted. We waited at the McDonald's across the street for Kim and Jolene, who arrived about 11:30.

Christina, the owner, arrived at noon sharp and we sat down to do some planning. Her outfit specializes in all things Disney. We ended up booking seven nights for the six of us at the Contemporary Resort starting November 1st. Tina will work out our itinerary, saving me the trouble of researching everything like I had to do on our three previous visits. We will fly out of Toronto direct to Orlando on West Jet, paying a little more for the convenience. Disney World isn't cheap, either.

Jolene was a little excited so I took her outside for a while. She picked up trash in honour of Earth Day and demonstrated cartwheels on the grass. We also had a good talk about all sorts of things.

Jolene is dreaming already

A lot of excitement for a little girl

With the trip planned, we stopped back at McDonald's for lunch and then went our separate ways about 3:00 PM. Sandy and I arrived back in Sudbury about 7:00 PM.

Today's Route (464 Kia miles):

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