Saturday, August 26, 2017

Woodstock Ontario - Clovermead and the Pool

We were supposed to be at Heather and Tom's for 8:00 AM. We were running right on schedule until I realized that the bedside clock was set on Central Time and it was actually already 8:20. The strange clock had a slide switch on the bottom with the North American time zones listed, as well as a button for turning the Daylight Savings Time feature on and off. So simple a grandfather could correct it.

We still had breakfast before leaving the hotel. I had sausages and scrambled eggs in keeping with my carb-lite diet. Sandy had her usual raisin bran.

Seen from our hotel parking lot

The plan had been to attend the African Lion Safari in Rockton but Heather thought the kids might have more fun at Clovermead Adventure Farm in Aylmer. It wasn't very far and had a lot of things Jasper could get hands on with. It must have been a popular place this day because we had to park in the overflow area.

Jasper strapped in for the journey

Fiona was happy wherever she was

We have arrived

Approaching the front gate

Main Street

They say this like it's a bad thing......

Goats looking for a handout

This guy must have gotten a hand up

The water warning gives guests a choice

There were little chickens...

...and big chickens

Old trucks...

...climbing goats...

...and more climbing goats

Heather and Jasper having fun

Tom, Sandy and Fiona watching

Jasper wasn't sure if he liked the kid-sized zip line...

...and then he went again

Dusty old farmer out working your fields
Hanging down over your tractor wheels....

Flower bed or truck bed?

Too many play areas to enjoy in just one visit

Children of the Corn

That's a lot of rules just to get lost

Here goes nothing...

Are we lost yet?

A view of the adventure farm

And Jasper rings a bell

Some of the buildings add to the ambiance

These "old" trees are younger than our kids....

Clovermead is a honey farm

The beekeeper can open the hives without getting stung

Showing a honeycomb with a queen bee

Making our way back to the parking lot

I would say that Clovermead was a good choice for the day. The weather was perfect and, despite the fact that cars were now parking in a second overflow area, it didn't seem too crowded. The reasonable annual fee would make this a good place to visit regularly.

The gang was hungry so we went down the road a short way to Ruby's Cookhouse. It was after the usual lunch hour so there was a lot of room. I enjoyed their Cobb salad while Jasper had a grilled cheese sandwich with fries and Fiona settled for a cut up hot dog and more fries.

Thumbs up for Ruby's Cookhouse in Aylmer

No, you are going to have to settle for milk

We returned to Woodstock where Sandy and I went back to the hotel room for a short nap. Then the family came over and we all enjoyed the hotel pool, ignoring the sign that said the pool was for registered guests only. Jasper liked the water as long as he was wearing his life jacket. Fiona liked it as well as long as one of us was holding her. Sandy just watched and none of us took pictures.

After the swim, we all went to Tim's for supper and then went back to the house for a while. I checked with Kim to see if we would travel together tomorrow and she invited Sandy and I to their morning church service. Why not?

Seen outside Tim Horton's in Woodstock

We didn't stay late at the house and were back at the hotel at a reasonable hour. Again, like the old fogies we are, we turned in early.

Today's Route (61 Caravan miles):

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