Monday, March 26, 2018

Woodstock Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

Up at 6:00 AM, we had the luggage loaded in the car before the hotel breakfast opened at 6:30. Once again, I had sausages (rounds this time) and scrambled eggs while Sandy had the usual cereal and yogurt.

After stopping by Heather and Tom's house at 7:00 to say goodbye, I fueled at the PetroCan station on Norwich Avenue. I think they mad a mistake because I paid $1.139 per litre while the prices everywhere else were in the range of $1.30. I'm probably a bad person because I did not rush right in and warn them about the discrepancy.

We were on the road at 7:50, driving east on Highway 401 straight into the rising sun. This caused me to think about son-in-law Mike, who had a new job in Mississauga. Commuting from Cambridge, the sun, if it was clear, would always be in his eyes both ways.

Traffic moved along just fine until we got to Highway 8, where (as usual) everything ground to a screeching halt. Rather than idle along the several miles to the Highway 24 exit, we got off at 8 and took Sportsworld Drive/Maple Grove Road around the jam directly to Highway 24 (or what passes for Highway 24 after Premier Mike Harris destroyed the provincial highway numbering system twenty years ago). We followed this to Airport Road and Mono Mills, stopping at Tim's in Erin for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Then it was across Highway 9 to Highway 400 North, at which point I was very pleased to find us pushed by a south wind.

After stopping at the On Route in Barrie to top up the coffee mug, we continued north uneventfully. North of Parry Sound, I had several random thoughts:

  • The fences designed to keep wildlife off the road also confine people to that same road
  • The rumble strips on the centre line and fog lines of the highways are probably the most cost-effective way to prevent vehicle crashes ever invented
We also noted logging activity adjacent to the Highway 69 as the land is cleared for the ongoing and seemingly never-ending four-laning project. We arrived home safely at 2:00 PM right on the nose.

Today's Route (314 Equinox miles):

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