Saturday, April 21, 2007

Moving Bikes Around

Monday was a bit damp, but I took some time to do the spring garage rearrangement. It's a very small garage, so I need to take everything out to get things moved from winter to summer mode. First I started the snowmobile, which wasn't that easy because I think it was ticked that it hadn't been ridden all winter. Luckily, it only took about 18 pulls on the cord. I moved it out into the driveway. Next was the bike. It started right up as if it had only been parked overnight. I disconnected the battery tender and rode it out. Then the camper trailer got pulled out, as did the snowblower and the lawnmower. Then they all got put back, snowmobile and snowblower first, then the camper trailer and the lawnmower. Last of all, the bike. Now we are ready for summer. The final task of the day was to go over to the Sudbury Trail Plan yard and get my enclosed 5X10 trailer.

Tuesday, Leo and I loaded the Wing into the trailer using a new tie-down method I saw on the Web. Then we hauled it down to Stayner, about 200 miles south. At J&R Cycle, Ed the English Mechanic was to give it the spring service and a new rear tire. Work would include replacing the hydraulic fluids, coolant, spark plugs, cleaning the air filter and checking the valves. I also had a new set of rear brake pads and needed the cruise control lag adjusted. Other than crankcase, final drive oil and tire changes, the bike hasn't been touched in 40,000 Km's. We arrived, unloaded, had a chat with Ed and parked the trailer out back. I took the bike for a brief ride and then we headed home.

I talked to Rhonda Thursday and the bike was ready. She said Ed told her the valves were spot on and the rear brake pads were only 50% used. Not bad for 90,000 Km's.

Friday morning, Leo, Sandy and I headed back down. When we arrived, I took the bike for another little ride. It was running perfectly. Then we loaded it and brought it back to Sudbury. After unloading, I took the trailer over to Leo's since he had traded his '03 Nomad on an '02 BMW R1150 RS. The bike was in Pembroke, 200 miles east and we needed to get there early so the paperwork with MTO could be completed before the office closed at noon Saturday. We loaded the Nomad and I brought it home.

Leo was on time, knocking on my door at 6:00 AM today. It was a peaceful drive to Pete's in Pembroke. We arrived shortly after 10:00 AM. The blue BMW was simple but elegant. The Nomad was more than acceptable to them, so Leo and the salesman did the paperwork and then the dealership sent someone to the MTO office. The BMW was a challenge to tie down since the Telelever front end isn't like anything I've worked with before, but I found a way. On the way back, Leo spent much of the time reading the various manuals and other documents. We arrived about 5:00, unloaded the bike at Leo's and took the trailer back to the STP yard. There was just enough time to get cleaned up and head over to the STP volunteer appreciation dance.

Tomorrow, we ride.

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