Saturday, November 14, 2009

Escanaba Michigan to Sudbury Ontario

We were on our way at 7:00 AM, retracing our steps through the dark pre-dawn morning.  As the sun came up and we progressed through Michigan, my eye was drawn to a "Don't Veer For Deer" sign.  I had never seen one before but the trusty Internet tells me that this is a new and successful safety campaign.  I'll keep that in mind but will probably continue to veer for moose.

At the Soo, the US bound traffic was backed up as the poor design of the truck lanes continued to block cars.  On the plus side, the Canadian side was empty and we drove right into the one open lane.  The agent never even asked for our ID. Has asked about citizenship and time away and then waved us through.  I think he was eating lunch.

There were many bikes out in the Soo enjoying another unsual November day.  We stopped for a brief visit with Mom and then headed home, arriving in plenty of time to drop Sandy off and get changed into my STOP uniform for the parade security duty.

It was a sad occasion to have to travel for, but the VROC family comes together in tragedy just as willingly as it does for fun and games.  I sometimes wonder where we would be if we had never found VROC but I am unable to imagine the answer.

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