Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sudbury Ontario to Jefferson Wisconsin

Sandy and I headed out to Jefferson Wisconsin today for Chunk's memorial service.  We left Sudbury just after 10:00 AM on a clear day interspersed with ice fog.  Westbound on Highway 17, the GPS said we should arrive in Jefferson at 8:15 PM.  A number of people indicated they were on their way and the hotel of choice was the local Rodeway Inn, where we had reservations.  I need to be back in Sudbury by Saturday afternoon because STOP is assisting with security for the annual Santa Claus Parade.

I saw what I figured was a good omen yesterday.  I was at the Pioneer gas pumps with the Wing topping the tank up and getting the SeaFoam worked through the fuel system when a Pearl Purplish Black Mica Nomad, identical to our last bike, pulled in for fuel.  I had a pleasant chat with the owner and told him that mine had been very reliable over the 132,000 Kms that I rode it.  I don't know what this omen portends, but it was a positive one.  I'm not even sure why I ascribe any significance to what are merely coincidences, but they have seemed to have had meaning to me over the years.

We crossed the International Bridge at 1:35 PM.  I warned the border agent he would probably get a hit from my NEXUS card.  He asked what they usually do when they get a hit, yank me out of the car and slap me up against the wall?  I told him no one had done that so far.  He laughed, gave me the ID's back and sent us on our way.

There was more salt on Michigan 28 that we use at home.  They also use rumble strips on the centre line as well as the shoulder, a great idea to aid tired or distracted drivers.  The ride was rough because I still had the 36 PSI in the tires from the wedding trip.  This hasn't yielded any better fuel mileage so I cut them back to 30 PSI in Gladstone, Michigan, improving the ride.

I forgot we would get an extra hour when we went to Central Time near the Wisconsin border.  Lucky us as the sun was just going down.  There was a detour off US 41 in Marinette which led to a new four-lane section that by-passed Oconto.  The only disturbing thing was the number of dead deer on the side of the road, their carcasses just visible in the headlights.  Typical Wisconsin evening.

The drive through Green Bay, Appleton and Oshkosh was uneventful and, after that, the two lane Wisconsin 26 was no problem.  There was little traffic and it was a bright, clear night.  Slammer called to say that they would be at the Towne Inn, just up from the Rodeway.  We found it soon after rolling into Jefferson, billed on the welcome sign as the Gemuchlichkeit City.

The crowd of the usual faithful were having supper when we got there.  Stewey (Illinois), Slammer (North Carolina), Furhead (who lives nearby), Cheap B (drove all the way from Alabama), Didsbury Dave & Pebbles (who flew from Calgary) and Wrong Turn (West Virginia) and KT (Indiana, Wrong Turn picked her up on the way here).  If I have to share a sad occasion, these are the people I want to share it with.

After supper, we adjourned to the Rodeway and Sandy and I checked in.  Then we hung out around a table in the lobby sipping some Maker's Mark and reminiscing until it was time to turn in.

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