Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Golf Diaries

I used to play golf regularly.  For many years, I was a member at Cedar Green Golf Course just up the road from my place in Garson.  Of course, being a serious golfer does not, in any  way, imply that I was any good at it.  My handicap was about 18 for much of the time.

Lately, I only see golf courses as I pass them on the highway.  Last year, I played one 18 hole round and this year never set foot on a course.  Until yesterday.

Imagine having weather in late November good enough that not only were the golf courses open, but the greens were in play.  Leo called and asked if I wanted to go so I packed up the trusty (rusty) clubs, picked him up and we headed out.  All we had time for was 9 so, with no one in the pro shop, we took an available cart and started out on #10.  At Cedar Green, the back 9 is more forgiving and I was certainly in no position to up the challenge.

I wish I could say it was a great round and that I was brilliant, or even competent.  But that would be too much  to hope for.  As it happens, I hit a few good shots and my putting skills sucked.  On the plus side, I didn't lose a ball until 18.  And I had fun.

Today, we went back and played the back again.  Lost more balls, putted a little better and still had fun.  next summer, when I get a few days at home, I think I'll get out on the course instead of just sittting around and vegging out.

Thanks for getting me out there, Leo.

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Kim said...

I haven't stepped foot on a golf course myself for the past couple years now. Sometime when you and Mom are in town or we are visiting up north (during the spring/summer/fall) I'd be up for a round of golf!