Sunday, January 08, 2012

Woodstock Ontario to Cambridge Ontario

It was a short and quiet day today. We got up and slowly made our way the whole 33 miles from Heather and Tom's to Kim and Mike's. We had originally planned to visit for a while and then high-tail it for home but changed our minds and decided we would head home tomorrow instead.

I didn't get any pictures today but then again neither did Sandy. This was too bad because watching grandkids massacre lunch makes for some great photo ops. Jolene is getting to be quite the conversationalist and Robyn is walking anywhere and everywhere. I don't remember a whole lot of the day because, I have been told, I spent much of the afternoon sleeping on the floor of the family room. Sandy and Jolene worked on puzzles and then joined Kim to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Grandkids are absolutely amazing. And we have the best grandkids in the whole wide world.

After supper, we watched a movie. I think it was Cowboys and Aliens. I think I enjoyed it. Then we went to bed.

Today's Route (33 van miles)

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Kim said...

Just catching up on the blog (haven't had a chance to read it in a while).

FYI - I think the movie we watched when you were over in January was Rise of the Planet of the Apes (you must have watched Cowboys and Aliens with Heather & Tom on another occasion as I haven't seen that one)...