Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Plans

The plans are coming together for the upcoming season. It looks like we have three major trips planned.


SEVROC in Maggie Valley, North Carolina is scheduled for May 16th to 19th. I am hoping to get a room at the Applecover Inn. They are at a premium and we used the RV the last two years, but I hope we are on the short list.

I would like to leave around the beginning of the month. There is a Northeast VROC ride the first weekend of May in the eastern Pennsylvania/New Jersey area that we could attend, as well as maybe finding time to visit the cousins in the York, Pa area (it has been way too long). Then I hope we can settle into the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a few days to explore an area we haven't visited before. After that, on to Maggie, arriving early to get in some extra riding on the best roads in the world. We'll then wend our way home.

July - August

Leaving in early July, our first stop will be Deadwood where Jamey T and Trouble are organizing a gathering from July 8th to 11th. Then we will roll on to Solvang, California for the Aebleskiver Rally that Cat and Jim are organizing for the third consecutive year. We missed it last season. After that, we have some time to kill on the left coast as we wait for the WWR VII to begin in Logan, Utah on August 15. We may use the time to visit some old familiar haunts like Topaz Lake, Nevada and see some new ones like my cousin Mary-Lou in Portland, Oregon. We have also never been to San Diego and we might get far enough north to see Malcolm in Vancouver. Anything is possible.


The Eureka Springs Rally is set for September 17 to 21. If nothing transpires regarding the NEVROC Maine run, and even if it does, it might be nice to take a leisurely wander and explore some other roads, particularly in other parts of Arkansas, along the way. Or to visit them after ES,

Still up in the air

There has been no word on the NEVROC Laconia run in June, although the Boscobel Rally is Wisconsin is scheduled for about he same time, so this is a question mark. As well, the dates for the Interlochen Rally in Michigan in August are also unknown. But we will decide what to do as information becomes available.

In any case, it looks like it is going to be a bang-up season. We will be doing a lot of riding with VROC friends and spending time with Sherm at more than a few gatherings. So hurry up, Spring, and let's get the show on the road.

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