Saturday, January 19, 2013

Freedom Riders Kris Kringle

January hasn't worked out as we had planned. Right after New Years, Sandy and I caught the flu (despite my getting the shot in the fall). We missed the Toronto Bike Show and dinner that Stonewall put together, as well as a series of meetings and other gatherings. It was a nasty one.

Lucky for us, we were well enough to attend the Kris Kringle. The Freedom Riders decided long ago that the most convenient time for a Christmas Party is AFTER Christmas. Less conflict in both venues and personal schedules. This gathering involves a pot luck dinner and cutthroat gift exchange.

The food was amazing. I tried to eat light but still overdid it.

An awesome selection of food

The members tuck in

Another angle

Sandy looks like she is enjoying it

For the gift exchange, each person brings a gift marked for a man, a woman or gender neutral. I look after pulling the names and people can either take a gift from the table or steal one that is already opened. The person stolen from then has the same choice with the caveat that they can't take a gift already stolen in that round. It is easy at the beginning but, with over forty people in attendance, it gets hard to keep track of near the end. I compounded the trouble by leaving one name out of the drum, something that has never happened before and will never happen again.

The gifts ready for the fight to begin

In addition, we held an Attendance Draw. This is a new idea to promote club participation. Throughout 2012, we kept track of attendance at each event. For each one attended, every member got one chance at the draw for a refund of their 2012 dues and a  $275 gift certificate from Leather Works Plus, a local purveyor of biker gear and paraphernalia. Normie won even though he wasn't in attendance.

We had a snow storm last night and another smaller one this evening. We were at a playground building operated by the Lions Club and the City had forgotten to plow the parking lot, so one of the major concerns was to not get stuck. This new 4WD truck is working out pretty well.

Sandy and I left pretty early since getting enough sleep is one of her great concerns these days. When we left, it looked like everyone still there was getting ready to party. It looks like this is going to be another good year of riding and camaraderie.

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