Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend in Sudbury

Good Friday

Kim, Mike, Jolene and Robyn arrived in town late in the afternoon. We joined them in their room at the Fairfield Inn and then decided that we would all go to Kelsey's for supper. Afterwards, we stopped by the house so they could see the renovation work, which remains ongoing, before they headed back to the hotel.

Robyn looks happy to be here

The Koolen's have a new van

Still bright and sunny at supper time

Kelsey's Original Roadhouse

Waiting to order

I need a wider angle lens

I restrained myself


Mike had planned to take advantage of an Easter tour offered at Stack Brewing, a local craft brewing operation. The name comes from the Superstack, an iconic smokestack that INCO built at its Copper Cliff Smelter almost fifty years ago. Ironically, Vale (which bought INCO a decade ago) recently announced plans to phase out and possibly demolish the Superstack. As they stopped by the house, friend John from Ottawa dropped by to visit, so he joined us.

The tour was interesting. Lots of stainless steel and vessels named after classic TV detectives (and a Star Wars droid). Owner Shawn Mailloux served as our guide. In addition to describing the current operation, he spoke about expansion plans that are in the works. Crowds were gathering and, by the time we left, there were lineups at the cash.

Stack Brewing, Sudbury Ontario

What better way to spend Easter Saturday

Historic local beer bottles

More history

The Stack offerings

Sandy and Kim waiting for the tour to begin

Shawn Mailloux - brewery owner and guide

Fitting name

So much stainless steel

Shawn explaining the process

High class plumbing

Unlike distilleries, only a little bit of wood

Mike and Jolene checking out the canning line

Where beer is born

It would be interesting to see this in action

Some strange local tradition

Business appears good

Mike stocking up on Stack

Note the rain

After the tour, we decided lunch was in order. Our first choice was the Sizzle Mongolian Grill at the old Cassio's location, but it was closed. Next try was the Taphouse Northern Grill and Pub on Regent Street. It was open, not too busy and we had a nice meal. In fact, my Southwest Club Sandwich with real pieces of turkey, thick bacon and BBQ sauce was memorable. I wasn't as restrained in my menu choices as I was last night.

Taphouse Northern Grill and Pub, Sudbury Ontario

The pizza kitchen

Didn't get any food photos

Art for sale - I like this acrylic

After lunch, Mike, Kim and the girls returned to the hotel for a nap. Sandy and I came back to the house. Mike texted later asking about bowling alleys. There is only one in town as far as I know. We decided to stay in but saw the pictures he posted later.

Easter Sunday

The family went to a local church for Easter services. The pastor was the brother of someone the twins went to high school with and they reported that it was a great service.

We had decided that we would all take Sandy's mom Jan (AKA Great Grandma) to Mr. Prime Rib for supper. Sandy made the reservation and then she and I went over to Extendicare. She has been bringing old photo albums and she spent time going over the pictures with Jan and her roommate, Pearl.

Janet and Pearl's door

View from their window (there's that pesky stack again)

Bringing some different clothes

Pearl, Sandy and Jan looking at pictures

Mr. Prime Rib is one of the better places to dine in Sudbury. Always good service and better food in my experience. We brought Jan and met the rest of the family there. It was nice to have four generations of the family together again.

Mr. Prime Rib - Sudbury Ontario

A nice lady took this - the look on my face frightens me

The signature melt-in-your-mouth prime rib (small cut)


Four generations

After supper, the Koolens returned to the Fairfield Inn while we took Jan back to Extendicare. In the lobby, we ran into Patricia, niece of Jan's hospital roommate Dorothy. It was good to see her and catch up a bit. Then we headed home for the night.

Sandy, Patricia and Jan

Easter Monday

Mike, Kim and the girls stopped by on their way out of town. Mike wanted to get going early to beat the Toronto traffic. We got a text later letting us know they made it home in good time.

We'll be heading south in another month when we'll get a chance to see all the kids and grandkids. Can't wait.

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Linda G. said...

It sounds like you had a nice Easter. Your brewery tour pics were excellent. I liked the 4 generation picture too.