Saturday, March 02, 2019

Woodstock Ontario - Jasper's Birthday Party

We were up at 7:00 AM but did not get up until 8:00. Heather and Jasper picked us up to go shopping at WalMart, where Heather picked up some party favours for the afternoon and we got Jasper booster seats to replace the little person car seats he had outgrown. Then we stopped by McDonald's for breakfast before going back to the house.

Heather and Sandy went to pick up the birthday cake and, after they returned, Tom took Jasper to a friend's 1:00 PM birthday party. Lucky kid, two parties in one day. Heather and Fiona came over to our hotel room for a while before we headed to Jasper's party.

Hanging out at the hotel

Fiona looking especially cute

The birthday cake

We headed over to C&D Lanes for 2:30. Ostensibly a bowling alley, they seem to cater to a lot of kids birthday parties. There was another one just wrapping up as we got there, but our table was already all set. Family and friends gathered, and some adults and kids actually bowled. Then the staff served a lunch of burgers and hot dogs followed by a very nice cake and the gifts. I avoided the lanes because every time I play, I screw up my knee. Sandy just doesn't like bowling.

Trying to keep shoes from wandering away?

Heather and the sons-in-law (Tom's father Stan on the right)

All four of our grandchildren in one place

Tom's brothers

What's a party without balloons

Kim with Fiona (looking unsure) and Robyn watching bowling

Tom and Jasper with a kid's ball launcher

Fiona and Dad

They don'y need a launcher

The lanes were busy for a while

Heather is very good at party organizing

The colour of the day is purple

Of course, some people lost interest in bowling

Time for food

Birthday boy

Robyn and Jolene

Fiona and her other grandma, Zofia

What is this?????

No room at the table for the adults

It was an awesome cake, and not too sweet

It was almost a shame to cut it

And then there was not much left

Lots of presents

And cards, and money too

The party started to break up about 5:00 PM. We left at 5:30 and headed back to the hotel, stopping to get fuel at an Esso (we get Optimum points there that we use for groceries) first. The gas price was $0.959, 15 cents lower than at home. I have no idea what causes a disparity this great, but the government assures us time and again that the process for setting prices is legitimate. I have my doubts.

If I lived here, I would probably stop by regularly

Can't beat the price

We had planned to head back to Sudbury in the morning, but Jolene and Robyn wanted us to stay another day. Jolene was going to find something interesting for all of us to do, so were going to be here another night.

I would have gone down to the exercise room in the hotel this evening but I forgot my gym bag at home. Not unusual because I actually have not hit the YMCA since last fall. I need to get that fixed soon. Instead, we went to bed early.

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Linda G. said...

When we returned home from VA on Friday gas price in VA was $2.53/gallon. At home, here in Warren PA, gas price was $3.09/gallon.