Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The First Trip Itinerary

I probably should lay out the itinerary for the first trip. The weekend of April 8th - 10th, a group of southwestern VROCers are gathering in Tempe Arizona in conjunction with Arizona Bike Week. We plan to ride the mountains around the area by day and seek out friendly watering holes in the vicinity of Tempe at night.

The following weekend, the Texas VROC crew are hosting another Hill Country Ride in Fredericksburg, Texas. As with the Az run, this involves spending the days riding the spectacular Hill Country enjoying the scenery and the evenings socializing.

Sandy and I attended both these events last year and enjoyed them so we're going back. I hope to get away around April 1st and trailer the bike to the home of our friends Auggie and Sue in Long Grove, Iowa. From there, we will ride to Holbrook Arizona by the 6th and then ride down the Mogollon Rim with Jack and Barb 4E on the 7th. Leaving Tempe, we'll ride across Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas on our way to the Hill Country. Then we'll ride back to Iowa and will haul the bike home.

These are the plans. How reality will turn out is anybody's guess:-))

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