Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Good news

Got some good news today. Phil at Chrometoys in Calgary was able to come up with one more J&M Universal helmet headset so the headsets, cords, wind noise filter and the Kuryakyn Transformer passenger boards are being shipped as I type this. Paid a little more for expedited delivery so we should have these parts by the beginning of next week at the latest. Thanks Chrometoys.

Sun Life has also confirmed that I am, in fact, retired, and is transferring the cash from my savings plans to my bank account so I will be able to write a cheque to cover the bike purchase. It will be free and clear as all bikes should be.

On the negative side, the bike is still OTS (out there somewhere) and there was no word yet on whether the new helmets will be able to handle the speakers. Hope to get resolution on both of these soon.

As soon as the bike is in, I will be able to get the VIN and contact my insurance company. Since they are in Toronto, I may have to hustle to get the required liability slip. I also remembered today that I need to change the safety chains on my enclosed trailer since the current ones don't meet Ontario regulations.

Oh well, some progress has been made. The plans are afoot.

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