Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cambridge Ontario to Stayner Ontario and back

The sky was mixed this morning. Got the bike uncovered and headed out about 9:30 AM. After a stop to see Heather at work and another at Canadian Tire to get a small duffel back for the luggage rack, we headed north. About five miles out, we encountered some significant rain, so we turned tail and returned to the Fifties Diner in Cambridge for breakfast. On the plus side, rain protection on the Wing is pretty good.

After a fine breakfast, the skies had cleared and we headed north again. Guelph, Erin, Caledon and up 10 to Orangeville. From there we ran up the Hockley Valley to Airport Road and on to Stayner where we turned the bike (with only 400 km's on the clock) over to John for a change of engine oil and filter and the final drive oil. Also installed a J&M wind noise filter on the passenger headset line.

While John was doing this, we took the van for a wash and picked up the trailer complete with its new super duper safety chains. I think these could lift an M1 tank:-))

Back at J&R, we loaded the bike and puzzled over tie-downs. Six straps and, after the obligatory retightening, the bike stayed upright.

We returned to Cambridge and had supper with Heather before going to bed.

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