Friday, April 01, 2005

Cambridge Ontario to Ottawa Illinois

It was very windy today. Out of the west, of course. We loaded the van and rolled out about 9:30.

We ran along at about 65 MPH. Across 401 to London and then 402 to Sarnia since I try to avoid the Ambassador Bridge at Detroit as much as possible due to heavy traffic.

The customs guy at Port Huron asked where we were going, so I told him we were trailering to Iowa and unloading the bike for a loop through Arizona and Texas. He asked what kind of bike. I told him. He told us to have a nice day. Didn't even take our picture ID. Maybe this is a GoldWing thing. I hope so.

We were making good time across I-69 to Battle Creek and I-94 until we got to where I-80 and I-94 merge in Gary Indiana. Then it took us over an hour to cover ten miles due to a combination of rush hour and construction. They have been rebuilding I-80 as long as I have been coming through here. After the I-294 split, they had the effrontery to charge me a toll for what I had just been through.

It rained pretty heavy from Chicago west, but stopped before we got to Ottawa Illinois where we are now holed up in a Holiday Inn Express. Got here late enough that the crowd at the Cracker Barrel next door had abated and we managed to get a table for supper right away. This little burg is hopping on a Friday night.

After supper, we took the GL bag liners and tried to figure out what will pack where. Looks like we have it scoped out, but the acid test will come tomorrow when we unload the bike and actually try to fit the liners into the bags. Some fine tuning may be required.

That's about it for today. Weather forecast up here looks good for the weekend so it will be good to get back on two wheels.

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Sherm said...

Good Start Skid and Sandy! Can't wait to get out there myself. Only 2 more nights at home!