Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ottawa Illinois to Long Grove Iowa

Got up to a cool, clear morning in Ottawa. While loading the van, I noticed grease around the rim of one of the trailer wheels. One of the rubber plugs sealing the grease in the Dexter EZ Lube hub had developed a pinhole. Something to be fixed as soon as I get a chance.

We got up on I-80 headed west towards the Iowa border. Stopped at a Flying J for the first time. Nice place, but no plugs for a Dexter hub. We then hit a Mickey D’s where Sandy got her usual bacon and egg McGriddle and I tried the new Steak & Cheese Bagel. Not bad for fast food.

Heavy crosswinds meant I kept the van speed down to about 60 MPH. Before too long, we were across the Iowa line and turned north on 61 headed for Auggie and Sue Bader’s house in Long Grove. Auggie was in the driveway waiting when we pulled in.

First order of business was to go down to the nearby RV place and see about finding a Dexter plug. The parts guy thought he didn’t have any, but then found a two-pack on the shelf. Now I have a spare. We got back and, in short order, Auggie’s old bike came by to visit and then Sue came home. We unloaded the Wing and greased the trailer bearing before installing the new plug. Sandy and Sue went inside while Brillo, another Iowa VROC’er with a spectacular green VN2000 came to visit.

After Brillo left, the four of us went to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Davenport. Sandy and I shared a rack of ribs that were done just right. We then returned to Long Grove via a drive up the shore of the Mississippi River. After watching some TV, we went to bed.

We are done with the trailer for a few weeks.

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