Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fredericksburg Texas to Wichita Kansas

We were up at 6:00 and packed by 7:00. After saying goodbye to the few people who were up, we had the hotel’s continental breakfast and headed down to the gas station. After fueling and fighting with an air hose as I made some tire adjustments, we headed out about 7:50.

It was overcast but warm and, following Coyote’s sage advice, we rolled to Johnson City and caught Highway 281 north. With almost no traffic and a tailwind, we cruised along at a steady 80 MPH. The first tank of gas carried us all the way to I-20 just east of Fort Worth. Swinging up to I-35W North, we passed Texas Motor Speedway at 12:00 noon just as a B-52 bomber was making a low level fly by as part of the opening ceremonies for today’s NASCAR race.

We continued on just stopping for fuel and a quick bite to eat. Oklahoma City must have had some kind of car gathering because the highways were choked with what looked like street rods. Very interesting. We arrived in Wichita Kansas about 6:00 PM. Just over ten hours for 607 miles was a pretty good average.

We’re settled in a Super 8 here and had supper at a very nice place called the Italian Garden. Tomorrow should see us back at Auggie’s in Davenport, Iowa loaded in the trailer and ready to head back to Canada.

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