Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sudbury Ontario to Woodstock Ontario

We had originally planned to attend Boomer's camp out for VROC friends near Toledo this weekend but decided instead to spend it with kids and grandkids. It had been too long since we saw them. Heather and Tom will represent the family in Ohio. Although they would be away for much of the weekend, we opted to stay at their place in Woodstock because things are kind of crowded at Kim and Mike's with the two kids.  The commute from Woodstock to Cambridge wasn't very far.

We headed south in the van just after 10:00 AM this morning. On the way down I discovered two things. One, I really don't like the low, clear LED roof racks on the police vehicles. It makes them very difficult to spot. No problem this time since they don't mind my 15 KPH over the limit cruising speed, but I like to know where they are. Second, the McDonald's in Parry Sound had signs indicating Mickey D was adding free WiFi at their establishments across Canada. About time, since this service has been available free in the USA for over a year.

I decided to take the 400/401 route since it was before Toronto rush hour. I never counted on heavy construction at the ramp from 400 to westbound 401 and again on the 401 past the 403 exit. The traffic was jammed, which cost us some time. Once clear of the roadwork, however, we had a clear shot to Woodstock.  It did surprise me as we traversed the construction zones just how many people are still talking on handheld cell phones.  The province has tried education so now it is time for a little more enforcement.

Heather and Tom were still at work when we arrived at their house and the key they provided me didn't work in the lock, so we killed a half hour or so until Tom arrived.  He swapped by bad key for another which did work.  We took a short trip  to WalMart where Tom picked up an inflatable pool as a gift for Jolene and Robin.  Then it was back to the house where Heather arrived and we spent the evening visiting.

Today's Route (315 van miles):

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