Saturday, July 02, 2011

Thoughts on the June Trip

First, the rallies.

Jamey T. and Trouble did a great job organizing WWR5 in Deadwood.  I always like the Black Hills and I like them better when friends are there.  Despite the WiFi issue, the hotel was just fine and ideally situated while the cafe was great. If they should decide to turn this into an annual regional rally, it will be very high on our priority list.

The Aebleskiver rally in Solvang was everything we could have hoped for and more.  Jim and Cat found an ideal location and, although the turnout wasn't huge, we all had a blast.  I understand it will go ahead next year in July (thank you) and, despite the great distance, we'll make every effort to be there.

Despite all the fine eating, I didn't gain a single pound while we were away.  And traveling with Sherm was just like always.  He is the ideal travel partner, undemanding and yet full of ideas about what we can do next. We look forward to many trips in the future.

Now for the thoughts on the motorhome after our third trek of the season.  For a while, I was thinking about moving up sometime to a Class A unit for more space.  Then I started considering downsizing to a comprehensive Class B like a RoadTrek which would get better mileage and be easier to maneuver.  My current thought is that I am getting pretty good at wheeling the Majestic around and, despite the miles we are putting on, replacing an engine or transmission isn't too big a deal if we should wear them out.  As a result, I think we will stick with what we have for the foreseeable future since it has been working for us.

This trip was a little fast paced.  We could easily have taken two months or more, stopping to see things along the way.  I'm not sure why we pushed so hard but think that we will plan to take an easier pace in the future.  It is, after all, just a state of mind that needs to be adjusted.

The rest of the season  will be pretty slack.  After missing Boomer's, the next event on the schedule is the Freedom Rally in Sudbury at the end of July and then Interlochen, Michigan a couple of weeks later.  Then we have the Waterloo Wings gathering in Wiarton, Ontario on Labour Day weekend, the NEVROC Maine Ride in Bethel the weekend after and maybe Eureka Springs, Arkansas the weekend after that.  The Maine and Arkansas rides won't involve the motorhome and may not even include the bike.  Time will tell.

Now I need to get the RV  washed, some service work done and the tires looked after.  We'll be off to see the kids next weekend in the van and I might even get some golf in.  I do need to find a place to store the rig since it takes up my whole driveway.

Being a WHORE (We Haul Our Rides Everywhere) is a whole different experience.  In a  way, I miss the sense of accomplishment pulling into places all across the continent knowing we have done it on two wheels.  But we've already done that so many times and this new way of getting around has definite advantages.  We need to do some fine-tuning but I think it is working out for us.

Lastly, I was doing partial blog updates with photos and maps as we went along, getting to the narrative later. I did this for the rallies because of the demand for current pictures.  I think I will keep that up for the gatherings but will hold the regular posts back until they are complete.  The new format of text, then pictures, allows for a lot more photos and is easier to write to so I I will keep that.  And the new Rogers Rocket Stick wireless device has allowed us contact from almost anywhere so we can be in touch more often.

So, dear readers, enjoy your summer and stay tuned.  We'll keep you posted on our activities as time goes on.

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