Saturday, October 29, 2011

Waterloo and Cambridge Ontario

We were up this morning and headed back to Cambridge with Heather and Tom, stopping at Starbucks to get Kim a pumpkin spice latte. We spent most of the morning playing with the kids and then Sandy, Heather, Kim and I went shopping. First stop was at People's Jewelers so Heather could get her wedding and engagement rings checked and cleaned. Then it was on to a paint store to get a can because Kim and Sandy planned to repaint Jolene's new room tomorrow.

For supper, we ordered dinner for pick up from Mostly Thai in downtown Galt. Tom and I went to pick the order up but I erroneously plugged the address in as Ainslie Street South. That happens to be a bowling alley next to the fancy new local bus depot. Once we swapped to North, we found the place easily. I don't think I have ever eaten Thai before but found it quite tasty.

After supper, we returned to Woodstock for the night. At the house, we watched some TV and then I settled in to read Niven's Juggler of Worlds, a book Cat let me take when we visited them in California back in June. I really enjoy Larry Niven's stories about Known Space. This one retells the familiar Beowulf Shaeffer stories from a completely different perspective. The fact that I fell asleep while reading should not be taken as a negative commentary on a very good book.

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