Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cambridge Ontario - Ontario Science Centre

Mike had originally suggested that we take the kids to the Royal Ontario Museum today because Jolene wanted to see the dinosaur exhibit. I found it awesome that a four year old would even know there was a dinosaur exhibit. Unfortunately, we checked and found that the dinosaurs had moved on, so we went to Plan B and headed for the Ontario Science Centre in Don Mills instead.

Since we were going to pick up Heather at Tom's office and the seven of us would have been a tight fit in Mike and Kim's Mazda, we took the truck as well. I had the GMRS radios that we bought for the Arkansas/Virginia run last year so we could communicate between the vehicles as we went.

The first stop was to collect Heather at Tom's workplace near the 401 and then we headed east on the big road. We opted to stay on the 401 and I let Mike set the pace all the way to the Don Valley Parkway and then south to the Science Centre.. Traffic was steady and, when we got there, parking space was ample (for the mere sum of $10 per vehicle). It was warm and sunny, almost like a real spring day, as we piled out of the vehicles for the short walk to the entrance.

Lots of people heading into the Science Centre

At thee front desk, we used coupons downloaded from the Web and received a discount on our admission prices. Then Mike went to get a stroller while we we waited in a large, glass windowed hall and tried to figure out where we were going on the map supplied in the guide. The Centre has six levels but is tiered  down a hillside, so it isn't simply up and down.

Our first objective was the children's play area. Mike, Robyn and the stroller took the elevator down while we took the escalator. He overshot and it took a while before we reconnected. Then, after a wander through the space exhibit, we found the large, interactive child play area.

Future astronaut Jolene

Robyn needed a little help

You put the ball in the Rube Goldberg style rails....

...and try and figure out were it went

Only twelve more years.....

Mike found the high ground to observe

After exploring the play area for a while, we went down to the cafeteria for lunch. They had several different vendors with choices ranging from pizza to healthy selections. The prices were about what would expect for a captive clientele, more than on the street but not enough to break you. As usual, the grandkids were good about eating in public, in contrast to the wailing little girl sitting on the other side of me.

Eating done, we headed to the bottom level just in time for the electricity demonstration. The highlight came at the end when people lined up to experience the Van De Graaff generator and had their hair redone by static electricity. Jolene's hair experience was the best of all the people who tried it.

A shocking experience

After wandering through the science and technology displays, we decided to call it a day and headed back to the entrance, with an obligatory stop in the gift shop on the way out.

They say going green is big these days

Little sister gives big sister a ride

Leaving the Centre, we headed north on the Don Valley Parkway, starting a a snail's pace. I'm not sure where all the cars came from but they were all going the same direction. Ours. Once we got to the 401, the pace picked up and, once we were past the airport, the stopped eastbound traffic made us happy we were going west. Lots of traffic on a Saturday reminded me of why I hate cities.

There were a lot of bikes out today but the heavy layer of salt on the 401 was waiting for a solid rain to wash it into the ditches. We passed the two service centres under reconstruction near our Cambridge exit. They look like they are going to be glass palaces. Just after 4:00 PM, we pulled into Kim and Mike's driveway.

Tom came by after work and we had shrimp for supper. The young ones sure do like shrimp. We played around with them until bedtime and then, after Tom and Heather went home, we watched Silver Linings Playbook On Demand. It was a good movie with a  feel-good ending and showcased more of the great skills of Jennifer Lawrence.

Jolene hates being hung upside down (except when Uncle Tom does it)

After the movies, it was off to bed early again. We didn't want to frighten the Easter Bunny away.

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