Saturday, May 24, 2014

Freedom Riders Annual Memorial Service

We had planned to head south to Woodstock yesterday for Jasper's baptism, which will take place tomorrow morning. Instead, we decided to stay and attend the funeral of a friend from the MS Society, which was being held today at 11:00 AM and drive down this afternoon. This  meant we would be here for the annual Freedom Riders Memorial Service at 9:00 AM at Fielding Memorial Park.

Each spring, the club members gather to pay our respects to those members who are no longer with us. This is followed by brunch and a ride. Because of the funeral and trip south, Sandy and I were only able to attend the service. Too bad because it was a perfect day for a ride. We took the car to the park where a large number of members had gathered. Shortly after 9:00, Father Jolicoeur of St. Jean de Brebeuf Church spoke some words of comfort and warning. As a rider, he urged us to be cautious on the road while asking God to look after us. I am not a person of faith but I never turn down a blessing. Strangely enough, the good Father also suggested we should buy Sonny Barger's book and read it:-)

Father Jolicouer delivers the blessing

After the blessing, we moved over by the bikes and President Rob presented a cheque for $1,100 to Chris Montgomery from the Canadian Diabetes Association. Actually, he presented an envelope with our 2013 membership reconciliation because the Treasurer (yours truly) forgot the cheque book. I will give Chris the real cheque next week. The donation will send an underprivileged local youth to Camp Huronda, a summer camp near Huntsville, Ontario for diabetic kids.

"Cheque" presentation

Following the memorial and presentation, we hot-footed it home and changed into out best Sunday-go-to-meeting togs for the funeral. For me, this included my new dress pants and Rockport dress shoes. In the store, I had tried on the shoes with my sweat socks and they were fine. The thin dress socks left the shoes a little loose, so I double socked it with dress socks over swears. Perfect.

We picked up Biker an the way to the church. It was a small United Church in an old section of the Donovan. There wasn't a parking lot so we found a place on the street and walked. I was raised in the United Church of Canada but probably haven't been in one for over forty years. The service for the late George Anderson was well done, with our own Rose telling some tales about George and Betty.

The service went a bit long but I think George would have liked it. When it was done, we headed home and prepared to leave for the drive south.

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