Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Status Update

You can see from the recent posts that there hasn't been a whole lot of traveling going on.

We had planned to make the revived Hill Country Ride in Texas in early April. When father-in-law Harry started having ongoing medical issues, I cancelled that.

Harry's death at the end of March triggered an episode of severe depression and anxiety in Sandy. This had been building for some time while she acted as his advocate during several hospitalizations for a variety of ailments since New Years. It became so severe that, on April 19, she was admitted to the Acute Psychiatric Ward at our local hospital. She stayed there for 17 days undergoing a course of medications and counseling. It worked and she was released almost as good as new.  In the meantime, I cancelled our planned May trip to SEVROC in Maggie Valley, NC. The one redeeming fact was that Butch & Teresa from Kentucky got the motel room I cancelled.

I also pulled the plug on the trip we had planned to Solvang, California in July to the VROC Aebleskiver Rally. This would have been fun but Sandy's mom Jan is living alone in her house around the corner from us. She suffers from mild dementia, mostly in the memory area. While Sandy's cousins have been helpful, we are now the primary caregivers and are not comfortable leaving for too long at a time.

What we do have on deck is the Freedom Riders June trip to North Carolina to ride The Tail of the Dragon and other Smoky Mountain roads. I will be guiding the crew for three days in the area. We will be heading down a week earlier with another couple to do some extra exploring. We also plan attend the WWR 8 in Bryson City NC in early August and the VROC Reunion in Eureka Springs Arkansas in September.

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Linda G. said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Sandy. It is a difficult time, as we age and all the health issues associated with the aging process. Coupled with the aging (and death) of parents makes for a very traumatic time. Praying for better times in the days ahead. Please give Sandy a heartfelt hug from me.